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Ice Disaster

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Well we got back into our house today kind of. We could not get into the driveway due to the tress that were snapped, but we did get power back. Our yard and neighborhood look like a tornado have swept through. The city is a state or emergency, and we have been on a level 3 since yesterday.This means you can be arrested/ticketed for driving anywhere without a real good reason. Trees are still snapping everywhere, and most people dont have power.

    The power and phone line have been pulled from our house and from what AEP is telling us, we might be responsible for having the lines rehooked to our house by a electrician. The power lines are now laying on my central air unit outside, and when I called to ask if this might be a hazard, I was told that I needed to call an electricain to come out an repair it. AEP said they would be here around Wednesday to look at it.

    We are all safe, so I cannot complain. Not sure what we will about our electric lines, as we have no money saved due to x mas and the 3 days we had to stay at the hotel. We tried to stick it out but we have a newborn and a one year old that I didnt want to risk getting too cold.

    Anyway, to everyone else involved in this storm please be careful, and god bless.
  2. Glad to see that your family is safe. This past week has been crazy in Ohio. Here in southeastern Ohio, we just have floods to worry about. Towns along the river will be seeing water levels anywhere from 8-10ft above flood stage.

  3. I know what you guys are going through up there. We were in the mess that hit just ahead of Christmas. It is really amazing the damage that the ice can do. I still have not gotten all of the trees cleaned from my yard.:(

    I am not sure what other damage you had on your place but if there is enough it sounds like you may want to call on your insurance company for a claim. If it is just the wire disconnect you may not be over your deductible enough to use the insurance but if there is more damage that is all caused by the same storm then you should be able to consolidate the damages for one deductible payment. Just a word of caution though from someone who has been through it. Do NOT bother your insurance company with a small claim that is not much over your deductible. It may not be worth the hassle they give you later for being a risk.

    I am glad to hear you made it through safely. Good luck on keeping warm and getting cleaned up.
  4. Elamenohpee

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    Minimize your losses....No power= no heat (unless you have a wood stove). Drain your water lines completely and pour anti-freeze (either RV type or regular automotive) in ALL of you drains. After you turn the water off... flush the toilet and bail as mush water out as possible then put some anti-freeze in the tank and bowl.

    This will save you a ton of money in the long run or untill you get your power back.

    Have you contacted the Red Cross yet?, they usually pay for temporary housing due to natural disasters.
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    Yeah I know it sucks, it is amazing how much damage ice can do. I was without power for a week at Christmas, a coule days after I got power I was out by the tonwship of Reese, and saw the electric trucks, so I can only assume those poor people where without for well over a week. Now everything is flooding down in Columbus makes fishing kind of tough but I may try a spot tonight as long as the creek is not flooded into it.
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    Wouldn't the power lines leading TO the house be the responsibility of the electric company? I thought they had to repair anything going INTO the meterbox from the pole/transformer?
  7. That is a good point Shawn! I don't kow the answer either but it does sound right what you are saying. Perhaps the power company is feeling the crunch in the wallet and trying to pull one over on its customers.:rolleyes: I know we have several electrical contractors on this site. Hopefully one of them can jump in and give their take on the situation.

    Elamenohpee mentions some good points on frozen water lines. If your temperatures are heading below freezing before they get you brought back on you will need to do what he mentioned to avoid bigger disasters. However, I am not sure that the forecast has temps headed below freezing for a few days. If it were me I would hold off on the antifreeze for now and watch the temps.

    You may want to also turn off your breaker to your water lines and turn it back on when the power comes back up, that is if you have a well of your own. That way you can be there when it begins pumping again to make sure all is well. If your well sits for a while you may want to run plenty of water through it before using the water. When they sit for a while they can get oxidation among other things occurring in the system that can cause the water to taste bad. I had it with my lines when I fired back up. A lot of people recommend shocking a well with bleach after it has sat for a while. But I did not bother doing that. I was just happy to get my water back.:D

    I did not know that one about the Red Cross either. That could really help out for someone who does not have friends or family nearby to lend a bed.
  8. Oh yeah, I have one more bit of insight to add about this based on personal experience. In case you guys did not know, tropical fish do not like near freezing water temps.:eek: My wife had a small tank that she had just one fish in and I quite frankly always forget about it. Well, we left it in the house when we got out. Let's just say we had a burial at sea when we returned.:(
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    The electric company is responsible for the line from the pole to the weather head coming out of your house. From the weather head or were your wires come out of the pole on your roof down into your home your responsible that includes the meter box. is your responsibility. But all the times i have ever worked on them or known anything AEP is responsible for the wires from the street to your weather head. When i asked about upgrading my house they said there would be no charge to come out and disconnect me while i ran for new service. But aep is squirly and like said before is feeling the crunch. I may be wrong but this is what i have seen.
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    I feel andd know your pain, I wish you well.
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    That sucks especially with 2 young ones. What part of the state are you in. We had ice in NEO but it wasn't too bad. AEP would indicate south of Canton. I thought they had all rain.
  12. I am in Lima. The heads that attach to my house, that the lines from the pole run to have been ripped off. I talked to some AEP workers who told me as long as the meter and the wire above was intact that they would fix it. When I called AEP they said that once the line connects to the heads it is all my responsibility. I am confused. I will just have to let them sit on my central air until the power company comes or I can afford an electircian to come out and reattach.

    I also just found out that my phone line pulled out to, it is sitting under the power lines, and guess what. The phone company will not do anythign until the power lines have been fixed....go figure.

    Home Depot is out of chain saws, so we are just stuck for now.

    We do have power now, for the time being. So there is some light in our

    Thanks for your concerns.
  13. you are responsible for the weather head down to, and thru the meter , on into the house. if your weather head is in tact, they will rehook everything.
  14. OKay, that is what I needed to hear. If you could explain the what a weatherhead is you would help even more. What happened is the two metal like thingys ( sorry so non descript) that are attached to my house, that the wires from the pole attach to, were knocked off. I do not know how to tell if they are broke.

    What should I do? Do I need to just wait for AEP to come here and tell me what to do? They are saying it will be 5-8 days before they get around. Should I call an electrician and see what they say?
    I am just worried that AEP will come in 5-8 days and say I need an electrician to do the job, and then I have to call an electrician and get on their waiting list for who knows how long, and then try to get AEP back out here.

    Thank you guy for all the help, it helps more then you know. I have to keep a level head for the wife and kids, I can come here and panic and no one knows that I am just as lost as
  15. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    The weather head is the end of the pipe or cover that comes through your roof the only thing after the weather head or sticking out of the weather head is the wires coming from your house. as long as all that is in tack it should be AEP responsiblility. to just come out and hook there wires back to yours.
  16. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    may be this will help this is how some are set up that go through the roof of the house. ones that are on the side of the house are the same concept. Sorry its not to bright just went out and took picture.

  17. Fish4Fun

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    where it says aep connects here that is were there responsibility ends everything from the top of that pole down is your responsibility. I hope things work out for you. let us know how things are going.
  18. AFter further examination I from a neighbor along with myself it seems as I will need to rerun the wire from the meter to the house, and remount the pieces that the wire attaches to.

    I do have electric now, and do not have the cashola to pay an electircian to fix it, so I will be keeping the kids from the backyard, it is fenced in, and living with it for a while, or until AEP finds out about it.

    I really don't have any other option. So it has to stay that way for a while.

    We are still piecing things back together. I hope everyone else is doing well.

  19. I have been in lima for the last 3 days trying to get the cable plant up and running, man it is nasty.we have thousands of cable drops on the ground and we had to skip alot of houses because power lines being on the ground.I spent allday today in a 4 block area and it will be atleast a week before we get that area cleaned going to be a several weeks before all the cable, power,phone is totally back up and running.Good luck and watch the trees because they are still falling.

  20. First off let me thank you for the great work you guys are doing.I know there are AEP guys here from everywhere/state around and you guys are fabulous. If you have time I have a couple quetsions for ya,

    So do you guys hang the stops back up? Do you just work a neighborhood at a time? We got power back a day ago, but no one bothered my stop. Should I just wait for the guys to come by, or do I need to call someone first?

    Thanks again for everything you guys are doing here, it sure is a mess. Hopefull we will get back into shape with no more injuries or much more property damage.