Ice Condition: Portage Lakes

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  1. Updated Ice Condition Report: Portage Lakes, Summit County, Ohio

    Friday 01/04/08 Noon


    Nimisila: 100% covered, less than 1"
    Turkeyfoot Lake: 80% cOVERED, LESS THAN 1/2" ICE
    Old State Park: 100% Covered, 1" thick
    Ditez' Landing: 85% Covered, 1/2"
    Mud Lake: 70% COVERED, LESS THAN 1/2" ICE

    Miller Lake: 90% Covered, 1/2" ICE
    West Reservoir: 75% Covered
    (Harbor Inn: 100 Covered with skim ice)
    North Reservoir: 90% Covered. 1/2" ICE
    East Reservoir:80%
    Burch's Landing: 90% Covered at bay, 1/4"
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    And to top it off, the rain and upcoming warm weather will only worsen the little bit that's out there.... Just gonna take a little longer....

  3. It'll be all open again after next week... :mad:

    Thanks for checking though, icebucketjohn.
  4. But after the the warm spell its our time for sure!!!!!!!
  5. where did you find that information out at? drove by all lakes one guy was fishin c5 early sat. mornin....that dude must have some stones man.
  6. Got a call late last night (Saturday evening, 01/05/08) from a buddy stating 6 guys were ice fishing at the East end of Mogadore yesterday.
  7. IT'S MAKIN' ICE....


    (I'll keep a sharp eye and let everyone know of the ice conditions).
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    long lake had a thin coat of sheet ice only on sunday.
  9. I'll take a ride around P-lakes today. I'll toke a spud bar to check the ice thickness at Old State Park today.
  10. 3" of snow on the ground as of this morning, 1/15 8:10 am.


    Let's cross our fingers and hope the temps drop even more.
  11. If you go to you can check the 15 day forcast. I know the accuracy of weather reports is debatable but if the reports are even close we will have a good period of fishable ice in the next few weeks ahead. I can't wait!!!! My girlfriend bought me a new clam 2000 for christmas this year and I'm dying to get out there with it. Its finally time to retire the duct/shrink tape palace I've been in for years!! Many of you have probably seen me in the portage lakes area with that thing. It had Cameron's Ice Shack spray painted on both sides. Anyways, I'm thinking about trying Long Lake for the first time this year on the ice. I know where I want to go but does anybody know of areas that I should avoid? I have heard rumors of the lake having many springs and being dangerous to navigate. I am a seasoned Ice fisherman and am good at reading Ice conditions for the most part. Any Info would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Thanks MC for the weather tip. The only early safe place on Long Lake is at T-s Bait Shop and head EASTWARD along the shore line.

    Most likely, I'll be at Old State Park for first ice. It's the most early wind-protected area of the Portage Lakes.

    Although I built 3 shanties in my younger years (1-man, 2-man & 3-man), I've got my eye on a Clam Guide for my next shelter purchase' but before doing so, I'm firmly set on getting a Vexilar first.
  13. Tuesday 1/15/06 1:45 pm

    NO ICE

    at Old State Park
    or elsewhere on Portage Lakes
  14. Need the wind to die down
  15. By Thursday, there should be at least skim ice everywhere... Portage, Mogadore... Etc...

    Next weekend, the 26th/27th, COULD be ready.... Depends on wind, snowfall amounts, etc.

    Thanks for checking and reporting though! ;)
  16. "Teaser Temps"... especially yesterday and today are just ticklin' my anxiety.

    I'll take a drive to Old State Park and check it out again today. Hopefully we have skim ice.
  17. What little Ice on Portage Lakes wasn't even tempting, let alone anything brag about.
  18. beside old state park...the other place that freezes first is c5 on nimisilla...alot of the bays at nimisilla looked pretty decent im sure they arent ready yet but they are gettin close...and for the long lake ? what he said about there by t's is a great place get alot of crappie and nice gills there....but it usually takes awhile for long to freeze up good...its usually one of the last lakes i feel gets safe ice personally.
  19. Long Lake at T's usually takes a few more days to safely freeze due to the inflows of nearby creeks/rivers and it gets a more wind than Old State Park.

    Where is boat launch c5 at it the launch first boat launch just off Christman Rd, across from the Falcon Restuarant. (I think thats considered the NE corner of Nimmy)?

    I'll be driving around P/Lakes today to check out the ice... spud bar in hand.

    * * * * * * * *

    With any luck, Ill be filleting panfish Sunday night, after the NFL Games
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    Don't forget about Palm Rd. at Mogadore. There is someone there before I see any fisherman on other lakes. I have only caught small gills there but if you need a quick fix this spot will fill the need while waiting.