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  1. My feet hurt just looking at those! IMHO way too much for hard ice. Get nice short cleats or I like to get a box of 1/2 hex head screws and run about 15-20 in each boot. Alot more comfy and never come off unless you remove them.


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    you dont want those!! lol.. like papascott said get some short cleats or some hex head screws... just dont walk into a store with them screws in your boots.
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    we're not back on that topic again are we???;)
  4. (I Know I Know) i have the ht slip ons with the small hex screws in them, this was kinda supposed to be a joke, they look like there for climbing
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    Sure looks like it Hawgjam. Just like having a bad case of Herpes.Once you think you've got it cured, it reappears again. Only this time it's worse than before.
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    Let me tell a story about wearing cleats into a store in michigan,,,,,,,, OPPS, flash-back,sorry.
  7. Those cleats as listed are for mountaineering.... not ice fishing.
  8. ...As icebucketjohn said those are for mountainering...Got to be hard walking on flat ice...Have a pair that has leather straps..easy on easy off...Love them ...C.L...
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