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  1. Coekrych

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    Before it freezes over anyone know how to fish for bass in the ice stupid question but cabin fever is gonna get to me this year!
  2. ive done best with jigging rapalas, but they will also hit minnows, and jigs tipped with waxworms. but bass are kinda funny under the ice.
    Ive fished some ponds where the bass are real easy to catch and just slam it.
    then Ive fished ponds that are full of bass and you are fortunate to catch just one.

  3. hardwaterfan

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    ive never purposely targeted bass but ive caught them accidently on jigs/larvae also. once i saw a group catch some nice ones on tip ups with minnows at first ice. personally ive only really caught them early on in the season. seems to me like bluegill spots are also good lm bass spots. (lots of weeds)
  4. Just drill a hole and FEESH !!!:D
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    we catch alot of small bass on tipups with minnows along the banks... and i have seen some 3 pounders pulled out of these areas biggest i seen was a 9 pounder that sucker was huge!!!!!
    here is a small bass i got last year on a pole with a wax worm
  6. Most of the bass that I catch through the ice are under tipups. Minnows work well, but they really like shiners. I set the tipups on the edge of weedbeds or on shallow flats near deep water. They will even hit well at night.