ice at Norwalk res.?

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  1. Anyone have any info on the ice conditions for #2 or #3. Or any reports

  2. The last time I was at Norwalk, the sign said no ice fishing.
    It may have changed over the past 3 years.

  3. i dont know anything about the no ice fishing signs. guess i should pay more as for ice fishing we always fish the lower one ( #1 ) crappie bluegill trout and small perch. if your lucky you can stumble into one of the walleye or saugeye that are in there. i dont know how much ice we have right now, but i bet its probly safe.
  4. drove through there today. there are no signs saying no ice fishing. someone had tracks in the back res. ( #2) from the boat ramp out today looked like they tried 3 holes in about 10ft of water.
  5. They must have changed the rules or the sign has been blown away.
    I will put it back on my lists of lakes to hit.
  6. Got the gills going Saturday along with one big crappie. Couple nice Bass but never keep them, Still aint be able to find the big gills or really hit the crappie, still good day. Wem\nt out this am for about 4hrs marked fish every hole I drilled , could not get one keeper gill. If i were a bass fisherman I could clean house. Last couple times out I caught more bass than I did all last year in the warm weather. Going back out tonight hope the gills turn on.
  7. I have talked to the Norwalk Police Dept. and was told by an officer that ice fishing was allowed in any of the reservoirs. This was a couple of years ago so it might have changed.

    Enjoy the ice fishing-due to an accident I won't be able to go this year at all. Was in an auto accident on the 24th and am pretty banged up.