Ice Activity Observations Friday 01/23/2009

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  1. Punderson: 5:00 PM., Nobody on the ice... lots of visible slush on top
    ice surface

    Ladue: 4:00 PM & 6:30 PM Guys fishing on old road bed., parking at
    boathouse and a few ice fisherman parking on Valley Drive and fishing
    towards the dam.

    Mogadore: 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    Congress Lake Road: Dozens of guys East of CLR
    Sunnybrook Parking Lot/Dam Area: 6 Ice Fisherman
    North Dike/Sunnybrook: Nobody on the ice
    North Dike/Old Forge: Nobody on the ice
    Boat Stake Area, Lansinger Rd: 2 Ice fisherman near island

    Note: Fishing results were generally "POOR" across the board.,

    Ladue is yielding small crappie (under 7") and small gills (under 6.5")., Havent seen or heard of much walleye success.

    Mogadore is not yielding any large gills this season sofar. Ratio of keepers to dinks is anywhere from 1-4 or 1-10 depending on where the guys are fishing
  2. Perchy101

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    Do you take a notepad out with you on your drives? lol

    Thanks again ibj.

  3. Pikedaddy

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    It was nice to breefly meet you this evening John. I was one of the guys fishing the boat stakes area @ Mogadore. Between me and my buddy we caught at least 40 crappie without a single keeper. I wouldnt waste a day there if I was the rest of you.

    but the ice was good.
  4. Nice to meet you also. I hate to say it, but it it's apparent the Mogadore fishery has changed dramatically and bluegill population is no longer the proud fishery of yesteryear.

    Good luck in your fishing exploits elsewhere. Keep us posted on your results.

    Be safe out there! DONT DO STUPID ON THE ICE!
  5. ParmaBass

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    Thanks for the updates John! I've NEVER done good at mogadore on the ice.
  6. i agree john. mogadore has changed. its too bad! but i will still take my boat out this summer there like i always do, its still wanna the most beautiful lake around i feel
  7. Yep Sam, Mogadore is sure a scenic lake. Very little development around the lake surely enhances the fishing experience. Only a few other bodies of water in the area similar in nature are Nimisila, Ladue & East Branch. Most others are congested with pleasure boaters, home development, crowds, etc; Portage Lakes being a prime example.

    I would much rather prefer the quiet sounds of red-winged black birds in comparison to noisy jet skis.