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  1. Anyone going to try tomorrow? I would like to go somewhere if anyone thinks it might be ok. Anyone chaeck anyplace out today?
  2. I stopped at Miller this morning. Only 1 3/4" and 2 1/2" at the docks at Dano's.

    Based on previous reports by others and the cold since last night, OSP probably would be worth checking. Stay in away from the channel though.

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    went out on the 24th at the old state park had 4 inches. walked between the two metal poles to the right of the boat garage. went out pretty far. but be careful and dont trust it. later that day i went to new state park and was sticking a 2x4 through the ice without effort. also went to nimmisila and coulnt find safe ice out there. one spot was 3 inches but it seemed to be in patches so i didnt go out. good luck be careful
  4. .....From the looks of the forcast..not looking good for the ICE TEAM...Some years ago went to Minn.. first of Jan. fished over 32 in. ice ...came home the next week....we had 6 in. fishable ice then it was gone for the rest of the year...WHAT A BUMMER...C.L....:(
  5. Was going to go check it out at OSP early Saturday AM with Nick, but it depends on how much rain we get. More than likely, we'll just drive through the lot and keep on going... I really hate this weather.

    One thing I hate more than the weather are the people who say "Isn't the warm weather great?" Do they realize that it screws up the natural order of things and puts the system out of whack???

    Praying for COLD!!!!
  6. Big Daddy ...your right a drive by will do it according to them(Weather People)..Last night they were talking on the news about the great weather on its way...Dicky talking about getting out and playing 9 holes of golf...Hope to see it get cold and stay cold.. All this weather is good for is catching a cold..up and down like a yo-yo..BE CAREFUL IF YOU TRY ..C.L...
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    No comment then Big Daddy!:p Spillways are open and running!
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    Im with Lewzer.:p Saturday is looking like shorts and tanktop weather:)
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    Nobody want to see you in shorts and a tanktop!! Stay out of this forum you soft water yuppie!:p
  10. Drilled the channel here, 4 1/2" by dock and 6" 50' out. Main lake had only 2 1/2", then the rains came.
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    Well then how about a speedo and a belly shirt:p I will do my warm weather/ soft water dance in that outfit just for you:p :p :p