I went Ice Fishing today

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  1. Zfish

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    Well Since I knew I wouldnt get to go for a couple weeks at least I went and checked out the ice at one of the closer lakes called Cherry Creek.

    On the park road before we got to the ice we hit a herd of mule deer and stopped and watched for a bit.

    Took all my gear and my wife went with me to see how she's like ice fishing. Wasnt too bad after I got her to sit in the Shanty. She didnt like the slush on top of the ice LOL.

    There was a good Solid 5 to 6 inches in most the places I drilled. I didnt have any bait on me only my lures but I knew I couldnt really fish much anyways. Set the Shanty up in 15 FOW and turned the heater on and brought the FL8 that I got from Big Daddy. Just to show that it will see hard water before the new year LOL. I didn't catch anything but man was I marking fish like crazy. I'd hit up to 8 fish on the vex at a time that I could count with schools of something going through. When I come back I wont be on call and be limited to just pokin around for a bit. I had a great time and I think Becky did too. I didnt get any calls but the snow really started to come in and snow hard. I took a pic and it's almost white out conditions.

    Don't mean to make you guys drool but there is good ice here in Colorado. You guys should see some of the pictures on www.coloradofisherman.com People catching Pike, Lakers, Trout, some real nice perch and other species but not at the lake I was at today. Big Daddy. The pics are for you since Your Dance must not of done it's think in Ohio but it sure worked out here :D

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  2. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    Sorry for the blurry pics in the dark. The pics just don't do it justice on how hard it was snowing. Believe it or not we were the only ones on the lake ?? When we had stopped by earlier in the day there were quite a few poeple out

  3. snake69

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    Am I reading this right, that you're in Colorado? Cool...Hey, if they've got ice and we don't, ya might want to stay there a little longer....:D
  4. hardwaterfan

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    hey neat pics. i love that third pic. i wonder how the heck the camera got the vex colors like that in the pic. very cool.
  5. Wannabitawerm

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    That is what is know as "hard water voodoo". It is caused by the positve aura of the Vexicleas, the god of ice fishing!:p

    ...sorry...I had a lot of sugar this morning...
  6. Ðe§perado™

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    Looks like you and Becky had a great time!!