i want to thank you all

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    after reading/replying to the "older guys" thread by Bobinstow,i was moved to reflect on my years of association with OGF and many of the great members here.and after the recent unexpected passing of one of my favorite fishing buddies,and friend grumpy,i was reminded that there is no gaurantee we'll be here tomorrow,so i decided to express my gratitude to everyone,rather than put it off and miss the opportunity completely.
    in the years since this site began(and also gfo)i've met and fished with many members.through those years my health has steadily gone downhill,making it more difficult to do many things i took for granted in my better days.simple things like launching/loading a boat,or even walking the banks,wading or even carrying some of my gear more than a very short distance.nowadays,even walking across the room is as taxing as running a running a mile used to be.due to my physical limitations and medical needs,i can no longer spend long days or nights on the water.
    but the one thing that has remained constant is the friendship and kindness shown me by so many of you,both young(who make me feel younger) and old(who make me feel older,lol).

    i've truly enjoyed the time with you all,and look forward to more of the same.
    in no particular order,
    captn hook
    net(how could i forget new years.that was special)
    capt. musky
    shari b.
    this is just a partial list of those i've fished with,but if you're not on it,you're not forgotten.
    and my thanks to the entire OGF staff for everything.

  2. Just because you are tired of talking about the gas prices and other random topics you decide to get all sappy on us?? :D:p

    I know I am not on the list (yet) ;) but i certainly hope that we can get the chance to wet a line together one of these days. I kept saying that I wanted to make it to Hoover with you and you never know that may still happen. However now that you are down by Buckeye that may be another option. With me having 3 boys I keep rather busy and end up missing out on the get-together opportunities that are available.

  3. No need to thank me. I owe you a bigger thanks. You are the one that got me into the sport. Yeah I fished prior to meeting you but you are the one that "infected" with the bug. Because of you I bought (then sold and now sorely miss) my boat. Because of you I no longer have a savings because it was spent on fishing tackle and other equipment. :D Because of you I have been able to truely enjoy the outdoors. Also because of you I've realized that just because someone looks old and grumpy (and may act that way from time to time) that they are just a kid aged a little. The life lessons I learned sitting in the front seat of your boat were worth every penny I've ever spent on equipment or bait I've bought over the years. Most of all the sunburns were even worth my first Saugeyes and the many crappies we've caught.
  4. ShakeDown

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    you had me at "after" :D


    I agree Rickster, no thanks necessary. I'm sure each one of us can say you've impacted us as we have you. Amazing the relationships you can find and maintain over the net right? Wouldn't trade them for anything.

    You and that firebomb O2 tank have left a permanent stain on my undies, and for that alone you'll always be a part of me...
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    in the words of that crazy dude....................."you ain't seen nothin' yet,baby":D

    was talking to my son yesterday and told him about your custom float&fly jig:D
    i also told him how much you remind me of him......................take that for what it's worth:D ;)

    ps...............a clue...................................you both just ain't right:D
  6. liquidsoap

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    Thanks for not including me on that list. *sarcasm* :p
    I will make my own list with its headline Peple of The Perch! :rolleyes:

    It is hard to believe what this website has done to me, I find myself calling people friends when I really know nothing about them. Except they like fishing.
  7. :D :D Oh man can I get a hit of that O2. I'm laughing too hard after that comment. :D :D
  8. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    You're Welcome...Thank You for the things I learned about Hoover and I'm looking forward to learning more.

    And a special thanks for that AWESOME Zuchinni Bread you make!!!!
  9. SwollenGoat

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    Good gawd somebody get Rick out of the house...his noodle has turned all mushy from being cooped up indoors too long.
    Next thing you know he'll be baking muffins and watching Martha Stewart reruns. :D

    *Just kidding*

    Seriously though, I've enjoyed our many trips on Hoover and (knock on wood) I consider myself fairly immune to the "misadventures" that seem to come along with your company. As I've said before, I've always got an open seat on my boat for ya'. :cool: :)
  10. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    Hey Rick,

    I'm in agreement with Fishintiger and Shake.... Man what's the world coming to. LOL. Thanks for the countless hours on Hoover including some interesting ones, the 9.9 races ;) all the eyes and crappies that we've caught, and just some good ole times thats for sure.

    I can't put a price on all the "mis-adventures" that we've been on. I should be moving back perminantly this June / July so I'm hoping to make it over your way more often and head out fishing.


    That goes for you too man. Heck I fished my 1st tourney with you (after getting lost on the way there) :D Had some good crappie days on Alum.


    Hopefully we'll get to meet up this year. Im sure we have many Rick stories to pass along :D
  11. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    this morning it was cornbread with whole kernel corn and sage sausage baked in it:D
    and i HATE martha:p ............................but love paula deen:D

    liquid,you'd have made the list if you'd have taken the time to share a misadventure:p ;)
  12. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Now that he and his O2 tank moved futher East I'm sleeping a little better:D
    Those things are loud when they blow.
    Rick, you have been a great asset to the site. Thanks for leaving my name off your list, as the "other" old guys all have RIP after their name:D :p I'm to young to be on that list. I'm sure you'll be back out this Spring, even if it means setting on the bank at Buckeye and relaxing for a night of cattin'
  13. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    Hey Dale,

    Sitting and doing some cattin sounds like a plan. If I happen to be in town we should setup a bit of R&R catfishing Buckeye ! Who know... Im sure there could be another "misadventure" in the mist of it all :D I think you should try catfishing with your ice fishing gear since you didnt get much use of it so far :D
  14. Not only has it been fun to fish with you , but a pleasure to know you and share a number of good times. I'll always rate the trip to Reelfoot as one of the best ever. As a Moderator you are TOP SHELF.
  15. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    Hey Ron,

    I have to say that even though I got sick fishing with you and Rick perch fishing it was still probably my best perch days / trips ever. Believe it or not I did enjoy myself. Even had a little cat nap :D I think you two are rubbing off on me lol. I think I still have the pictures around somewhere :)
  16. Lewis


    You are welcome!
    Rick, it is an absolute pleasure to know you and call you a friend.
    I have always enjoyed your company and hope we can get on the water some more this season.
    You mean so much to the OGF community.
    Thank you for helping make OGF what is today!
  17. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    to dale(i did say "staff",lol) and many others i've met here.the above list was only a partial list people i could remember actually fishing with,though i've met and hung out with many more.
    it is not everyone,but i did pretty good remembering that many:D
    i do need to edit it as my memory improves though.

    i definitely don't want to add you to that RIP list:eek:
  18. Hey Rick we LUV YA MAN!! :) We gotta get the warmer weather here and get you out of the house. Even if it is for short trips. If not we need to start a new forum MISFITS I'LL POST THEM YOU COOK THEM RECIPES!!:D Really enjoyed fishing with you and conversing with here on the site.
  19. ShakeDown

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    Rick. You should be tying some of those float-n-fly jigs in WHITE my friend :D Thats a color i wouldnt touch personally, let alone use!!
  20. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    :D :D you still ain't right:p :D