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I want to die I want to live

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by atrkyhntr, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. After watching what the poor family of Terri Schiavo has/have been through I hope mine never go through that...
    If I am brain dead or incapable of making the decision myself then I would hope my spouse or next of kin would let me die and go on with their lives and nobody could stop that process....
    I do not want to kept alive with some tube feeding me or a machine breathing for me... Let me go in peace to my maker...
    What is your thoughts on this matter?
    as always THANKS in advance...
  2. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    I'm actually drafting a newer LAST WILL just because of that case.

    There is no way, I repeat, NO WAY I would want to put myself or my Family through anything like that...

    Just as long as there is 0% chance of me getting better.

  3. How much deos that cost?
    Can it be done without a lawyer?
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    same here.set me free.
    i had to pull the plug on my mother about 15 years ago.
    the plug was also pulled on my sister last year,after a severe heart attack left her,basically brain dead.
    it was tough,but knowing it's what they wanted,and the alterative,made things a little easier for the family to deal with it.
    i hope i don't have to leave my family with that decision,but am confident they will honor my wishes,if it happens.
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i really need to write a living will too(just in case)
    clyde,the cost isn't much,and your attorney can do it easily.i think there are standard forms for diy,that you can get at office supply stores also.they do need notarized and vary from state to state.
  6. THANKS Rick...
    My lawyer died last year and I'd rather not go looking for another crook... I mean another one...
    I'll check out the DIY ones ...

    I made the call to pull the plug on my father and it still bothers me to this day...
    I don't want my kids to go through that BS...
    THANKS again man....
  7. I think that removing the feeding tube is wrong.
    I think her parents should decide.
    I think that congress should mind its own business. It's a personal issue.
  8. for me, pull the plug, harvest my organs, donate the rest to science and whatever is left over throw it in a furnace and dump me in lake erie or the maumee river.
  9. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    Brain dead people, truly brain dead, who have Living Wills and don't want to be kept "alive" via artificial means deserve to die with dignity as they request. I'm talking those people that are bedridden, don't move, don't respond, don't breath on their own, don't do ANYTHING. They are truly already dead- their bodies are just being kept alive by artificial means. Their brains are gone.

    Terry's brain is still functioning- severely damaged, but functioning. Her body still works. She moves and makes sounds. She is far from being brain damaged and is no worse than some of the special needs children my mother works with. In fact, my previous next door neighbor had a 37 year old daughter that was almost in the same condition as Terry. Feeding tube, colostomy, etc. Yet she was loved and was part of their family and Roger would have killed anyone who tried to harm her.

    She should absolutely not be starved to death. She doesn't fit the parameters for most Living Wills. This is a slippery slope here. We already allow abortion which in my opinion still exists because nobody sees the victims. We struggle over pulling the plug on a technically dead person because we see them. Now some are wanting to end the life of an otherwise healthy woman, although she is severely handicapped. But, in their eyes, that's ok. However, you see the uproar it is causing. If this proceeds, what's to stop the next case when another family member grows weary of caring for a special needs person? How will we decide that if it was ok to let Terry die, it isn't ok for someone else?

    Her parents need to file for custody, her husband needs to get divorced from her and she needs to live out the rest of her life as best she can.


    I almost see signs of Germany prior to WWII creeping in here.
  10. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    good points about the case in question.i also have reservations in a case like that.i've seen tapes of her,and realize where you're coming from.i don't know if i could throw in the towel in that situation.i think,as you do,that the husband should just give up custody and go on,if he can't handle it.
    if i were to be in that condition though,i would not want to hang on(presuming there's no chance fo improvement).but that's only how i feel about myself.
    maybe the husband should take the million the guy offered him,and find a new life.
  11. All I know about the case is what the news puts out ... hmnmmnn yea right
    I heard that her husband said that she told him she did not want to live like that so if you hear my wife say that about me PLEASE do not stop her from having the plugs pulled on me... No matter what I look like or how I act... That is my stance on me and noway should anyone take that as how I think her case should be determined...
    I can only comment on me and what I want for myself in that situation...
  12. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    That's why it's called the "Lounge"

    Rick, If you ever need someone to pull the plug for you, jusy let me know. Always willing to help a brother out ;)

    By now everybody knows there is NO hope for recovery for her, sadly...time to go.
  13. do her in ------this has gone on long enough--------she not home, let her go
  14. This will set a preceident if she is allowed to die (my opinion is murder) by deliberate starvation. Another sad day for United States of America. I believe that when the time to go is up to my maker. Not the goverment.
  15. this is one of those situations in which there i no right answer. i think congress shouldn't be the ones to decide this but when the ones closest to her can't agree where else can you turn. this is just a sad state of affairs and i'm afraid no one can really claim to have the perfect answer.
  16. catking

    catking Banned

    In the eyes of the law , the spouse trumps any other family member. This is true with ANTHING and any decision . How convienent this doesn't apply to this situation . I feel these issues should be dealt with on a case by case basis. The bottom line is the woman herself asked NOT to be kept alive if something like this happened. Three diffrent people heard this. THAT , is good enough, and should be .......THE CATKING !!!
  17. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    catking is right in that the spouse is really a bad situation.i've seen families torn apart over the "split" own,and my wife's families were really at odds over the same thing with our parents.luckily,all finally turned out well,but thuings were tough,with people on both sides of the issue.
    i do believe that if she made it known that's what she wanted,with witnesses,it was her decision,and should be honored.this is a prime example of why a person shouldhave a living will.that will insure you wishes are honored,even if a spouse doesn't agree(which happens a lot)

    ps...........thanks for the offer,froggy.if i have problems with my family,you keep your promise,and set me free :D ;)
  18. I was called upon to make that decision when Mom was slowly dying from cancer and supported by all the attachments. Mom was consious off and on but less and less. True to form, Mom solved the terrible delima I was face with by passing on while I was away. She always put all of us first and did it for the last time. I pray that I will never have to be faced with a decision like that again.

    In Terry's case I feel there has been too much publicity surounding her, her family and husband and too much influence by outside sources. Knowing the media and how they spin things to their advantage I cannot help but feel we don't have all the facts regarding the overall position of all concerned.

    I feel her husband should be allowed to make the decision and have to live with it the rest of his life.

    Just a question: What would have happened to Terry if all the others were to preceed her in death?
  19. I just gotta ask...who is paying for all of this? I know it can't be cheap. IF it is being taken care of by the husbands health plan I want to get in on that one. I can't imagine a plan that would do that much.
  20. I understand booth sides in this one. I started out thinking that the lady should be keep alive and her care turned over to her parents. I have changed my mind. Yes her so called husband has been cheeting with another woman almost from the time that she was affected by this and that did leave me with a problem. He has not been even close to what a loving spouse should be. My opinion steems from the way of life she is to live. She has said, the courts gave merrit to this, she would not want to live like this. I have heard some talk about we would not let a cat starve to death but we are going to let a person starve to death.
    Go visit a nursing home and see the number of people that are "wilting away" and yet nothing is done. Keep in mind that nursing homes are not just for the elderly. How should she be let to die?
    I am a firm believer that the Lord will call us home when we have served his need. I just wonder what purpose she has let to accomplish before he calls her home.