I wanna show my son some actual fish!

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  1. First post, and great forum. I've been lurking for weeks and decided to join!

    Look, I need to show my son that big fish actually do live in these waters! I'm so tired of fish ohio minnows! :) Actually I seem to always hook in to infant bass, bluegills....I even hooked up with a muskie fingerling one time!! I'm usually fishing from the bank at Alum (Howard Rd.), Delaware, and O shay.
    Anyone know where I'd likely hook into something from the banks in Central OH? I listened to you fellas about Howard Rd. Alum, and saw an amazing thing. As I looked from the shore closest to the parking lot, I witnessed what looked like a rain storm on top of about a 20 yard span of water. My buddie at work later explained that it was likely a bait school being driven to the surface my some predators. I'm somewhat new, so that was excited except for the fact that I couldn't reach the 'bait ball' from shore!

    Anyway, someone please email me some spots that my son and I can enjoy a good outing from shore!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Keep this a secret!!! If you & your son want to catch some easy, good sized fish go to Whetstone Casting pond. It's at the Park of Roses in Clintonville. Get some chicken liver, set it on a hook about 6"-12" above an egg sinker & just keep a tight line until you feel it move. Some are small but my son & I have pulled #5 fish from there. Many #2-#3 catfish. One night we got #28 in 6 fish. Lots of fun watching a #60 kid bring in a #5 fish! It is stocked for the July 4 pre-fireworks kid tourneyment & there are always more that survive than are caught. Best to go late evening but I know people who catch them during the day. After11:00 pm it's the fastest paced catfishing I've ever heard of. I'll get some kind of action on my line in less time than it takes to smoke a cigarette. That's my timer, if nothing happens in that time I check my bait & cast somewhere else.

  3. just keep at it....fish alum or hoover in the evenings and you will catch cats. fish directly across from the beach just east of the actual dam at alum, down where the rocks become just beachy...ive caught some cats from the bank there..used a minnow thats been cut in half or fresh cut shad. just get a hoover map and find deeper water with public parking access there is alot of it there at hoover.
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    i don't know what type of fish your looking for but if you want to catch some nice catfish delaware is the place to go. if you go north on 23 you'll come to an intersection of 23 and 229 take 229 east until you come to a gravel road called wildlife road d-10 that road leads to a lot of good spots or keep on 229 until you come to horseshoe rd take horseshoe rd south turn right on the first road i can't remember the name of it but its a dead in rd that also leads to alot of good spots to fish from bank. there is an old bridge abuttment acssesably from either rd. i have caught alot of cats from there going close to 10# usually will get atleast one everytime i go out over 5# alot in the 2-3# range usually use chicken liver or cut shad. soft crawls are killer if you want to pay the six dollars a dozen for them.:mad: where ever you go good luck and good fishin. if you can't understand my directions pm me and i'll ellaborate.
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    u can pretty much catch cats at any of these area lakes. Alum by the dam i have caught crappie saugeye and LM along the rocks. I've seen muskie be caught also... At alum the baitball u saw was Whitebass chasin minnows if u can get into it with a roostertail or rattle-trap its great fishing!
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    fish the rivers, corn for carp, topwaters for bass. i try to stay away from the lakes if on the bank.
  7. Thanks so much for the comments, ideas, locations, etc. WHen the son and I catch some stuff, I'll let you guys know. In the meantime, I'll keep learning from you pros!!!