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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Man, at work today, the flu hit me with a vengance!!! Dizzy, can stand bright light, body aches, queazy, feet and hands like ice cubes.... Came home from work and slept for 4 hours... This stinks!!! I guess I should have got that flu shot!!!
  2. fffffish

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    I got the flu shot this year and 1 week later was so sick I missed 3 days of work

  3. Lewis


    Man..sorry to hear that Carl.
    You might as well crawl into your groundhog hole (bedroom) for the weekend.
    Get well soon!
  4. misfit

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    sounds like a case of fridayitis coming on;)

    but i do hope you get over it soon.................at least by monday:D
  5. Pike


    Do not regret missing this years flu shot. They missed, usually they are pretty accurate at predicting the strain that will be passed around. They guessed wrong and most people that got the shot are just as likely to get what is going around as those who did not.

  6. Pike


    PS. Get well soon!
  7. It hit me Friday just about goe now thank goodness. Take care of yourself go to the Dr. and get the Z pak
  8. mrphish42

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    CARL.......Feel bad for you man........I hope for your sake it's the shortened version..... Like getting any type,is ton of fun......On the lighter hearted side ....you really got to watch "TROLLING" in un-familiar waters....... you never know what you'll catch....... Happy Holiday.....hope your better, so you can enjoy it with the family.........Jon Sr.
  9. Fishers of Men

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    Flu sucks, I feel for ya, hope it's just a quick bug... get better soon Carl.
    I never get the flu shot, know too many people it messed up.
  10. I feel for ya Carl!!! I caught it last Tuesday. Spent the first 2 days in bed and am still shaking off what is left over. Took every kind of medicine the wife brought me but nothing seemed to slow it up. So much for having a wife that is a R.N.!!! Just make sure you get plenty of liquids in ya,and get plenty of rest.
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    Carl, I hope you feel better soon :) WB
  12. Capt.Muskey

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    What a nasty way to spend the first day of spring :(
    Try a couple bottles of NyQuil to help get ya through it. Hope you feel better soon.