I think I am gonna cry.

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  1. Started moving my icegear to the basement. I could squeek out a couple more days if I had to but its time to get ready for the Maumee. I hate putting the stuff away and I'll probably drag my feet a few days getting it all down there but its time. If the lakers are biting in Canada I'll drag it back up:p
  2. i feel your pain!!!! was going to put mine back up in the garage ceiling but couldnt bring myself to it!!! i also need to get boat ready for t.c. "hetfest08"!!! hate this time of year...hunting over...ice unsafe...river is a MESS and will be for weeks...and too much snow to work on the boats!!!!(mine are stored outside):eek: :(

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    yeh, my pain is putting away a brand new strikemaster lite power auger that I drilled 5 holes with. Health issues kept me off the ice alot this year.
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    It is the worst time of year with hunting over, no safe ice and cold water everywhere. The beginning of march is rough until water temps rise into the mid to upper 40's
  5. i feel the same way love to ice fish but can't wait for warmer weather!!!!:B :D
  6. I'd keep everything handy,it ain't over till it's over! I'm ready for warm weather but you know where we live.
  7. Thursday I was catching bass on spinnerbaits in 1 ft of water. I assure you the ice season is over!!!!!!!
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    Swantucky............pass the kleenex..........it's real close man........