I saw Batman,Stepbrothers,hellboy2 tonight

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  1. i sat through 3 movies tonight at Showcase at the green in beavercreek. my 1st time at the green and at this showcase. Batman was amazing, stepbrothers was very funny laughed the whole movie. hellboy2 was alright. i have an entertainment book and there is alot of coupons for 7.00 admission in there.
  2. Go on Tuesday and pay 6 bucks all day without the coupon

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    The first think I thought when I seen this was "Wow, I bet it was expensive"! For me, the wife, and the kids, its a $50 bill to go see a movie.:( I want to see Stepbrothers, it looks good.:)
  4. Movies are getting expensive, there used to be (maybe still is) as theater by my sisters apartment at OSU that had movies for 3.50 brand new, so I used to see tons of movies everytime I was there visiting.

    I saw Stepbrothers. Funniest movie I have ever seen in my whole life. Sold out theater and at some parts everyone was laughing so hard that you could not hear what was going on in the movie...lol
  5. speaking of cheap movies at Danbarry cinemas on tuesday's its 1.75 for admission. but some movies are worth to pay the 10 bucks for to see in 7.1 dolby digital surround sound like batman or ironman