I put one thing on craigs list and...

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  1. I get this...

    I Mr Green Megoma, i was going through the classified site, i just want to know if this item is still available for sale, am so much intrested in it you can email me back with you condition of the item more so the asking price,
    I will be waiting to read from you soon


    Hello Once again!

    Thanks for your reply, first of all i will like to explain better to you concerning the payment. Am having a client who is owening me some money there in the state i would ask her to issue the payment on your name and sending it out immediately, and my mode of payment is Certified Cashier Check okay? More so the Nikon N60 35mm SLR Camera would be shipping down to UK, it needed by my cousin, concerning the shipping i would be the one to responsible for it...Have spoke with my shipping agent and they gave me 100% Assurance to clear the goods i think he will be the one to come and pickup the stuff immediately the payment clears with you okay? But the Payment would be and excess, the excess of the money is for my shipper for the shipping of the goods okay? But if my offer is cool and you kindly email me back so i can mail out the payment immediately..And kindly have your direct contact name and address send to me where the payment will be sent directly to you including your contact phone number.

    Best Regards


    I'm Assuming it is a con, Also I never even put up a camera so...
    Also I got a E-mail saying this
    新しいメールアドレスをお知らせします新しいメールアドレス: jjjjjjjjjjoooooohhhhnnnnnnnnncc@yahoo.co.jp


    I am Located in columbus,
    Kindly give me your last offer . or any other Buyers last offer . So that i can beat Price Listed On craigslist .


    John Curthy

    - Mr. John Curthy

    and he never replyed but I think it might be the same guy under a diffrent name. Who do I report this too?
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  2. Toxic

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    SCAM. I never dealt with craigs list so I cannot refer you, sorry. Just glad you did not fall for it.

  3. There should be some sort of Customer Service for Craigs List. I would contact them, so hopefully nobody gets scammed.
  4. marsh

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    You don't report it to anybody, just be careful and deal locally, face to face, and cash only. Craigslist only has like 30 employees total, and is full of scams and great deals. Seems you're able to pick out the scams so you should be in good shape.
  5. sevenx

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    I listed casting lesson and had two responses saying something to the effect I would like to hire your services for my two children for six months. What would be the cost blah blah blah. I had one from a women and one almost identical from a man. What a bunch of crap. I did not respond but I bet they would want to pay me in advance and over pay the same deal you had. They had the same sort of broken egnlish as well. Sounds like perhaps Indian/asian dilect would be my guess. I hate these scams it makes it harder to trust the legit buyers. S
  6. I list alot of items and do some buying on cincinnatis craigslist! I get those emails all the time, just delete them! Most of the time i dont allow emails on my listing i just put up a phone number! Never had any problems after i started that!
  7. That's a fairly common craigslist scam. The cashier's check is bogus and somehow you will end up paying that much, instead of receiving it.

    The word on the street for awhile now where craigslist is concerned is to only deal in cash.

    Don't be discouraged. I have bought and sold on craigslist with minimal problems. There are alot of good buyers/sellers out there, you just need to be cautious.

    Best of luck selling your item!
  8. Fishers of Men

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    I put on there "cash only, don't bother me with your scam payment deals"
    And, have had good responses since.
  9. Fishman

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    Don't report it, just mess with the guy. Seem like a considerably more interesting way to go about handling it.
  10. Toxic

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  11. My daughter was goin to buy a phone from on there they wanted the money western union she was going to drive and pick it up the deal fell through and since then i have heard of scams folks using western union i dont understand why western union though.
  12. My responce: Paypal Only Biotch...:D

    If anyone else wants to E-mail him I left it up there for you. In case you have something you want to sell to him. :D
    I E-mailed him over 40 times too to bump down anyone esle who just might fall for the scam, and he is on my blocked list.
  13. FOSR

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    It reads like it was not written by a native speaker of English.

    My hotmail address constantly gets "Nigerian scams" where some banker is offering to list me as next of kin to get a few million out of a deceased businessman's closed account.

    They pretty much follow the same script but they vary in their details, and sometimes the language is beautifully mangled ALL CAPS IS A PLUS.

    I can even paste together a composite from some of the best...