i-pod repair?

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  1. Just thought you fellas/ladies would like to know about this.

    I have 2 40GIG i-pods and they just weren't working right. Different things going wrong. I did some research and sent them to these guys. They called me BEFORE they fixed them and gave me a quote and told me the different options I had. They were the most reasonable and HONEST people I have dealt with concerning ANYTHING I have done in the last 20 yrs.

    Great people to deal with and very timely.:D

  2. change your settings to default. see if that works

  3. How old were they? My son's IPOD was not working correctly that I bought last November. Took it to the Apple store at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, OH. They fixed it right there, no charge, no problems. I did try the resetting, it did not work.

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    A guy I work with has an i-pod.

    One day I watched as he slammed the thing on a table. Evidently it locks up and that fixes it. He has done it several times.

    It's perfect for me cause that's what I'd want to do anyway.:G :F
  5. Both of my i-pods were bought over in England and had some crazy motherboards in them. They were modified somehow to work here. Then after awhile they both crashed. We tried the resetting thing and the default thing and then I finally got a hold of the i-pod repair team in the link above.

    Have a great day fellas. We put 2 new motherboards in and 2 new battries at the same time. Charged me 250 inclusive.