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  1. I was out fishing and when we came in the rubber sleeve coming out of manifold that hooks to lower unit where the water goes out blew a hole.The moter temp was at 180.Normally the motor ran at about 140-150.I noticed that the belt had broke off,not sure how long it was off,for sure no more than 15 min of run time though.I got the parts and put them on,new sleeve and belt.Ran the motor at home for a good 15-20 min.Everything was fine,temp back to normal etc..Went out sat.morn,was out about 5 miles and noticed smoke but temp was reading fine.Shut it down,used kicker to get in.When I got home saw that the sleeve below the one I replaced was completely melted,that was the smoke...Could my water pump up on the motor be shot?I started the motor at home again and it ran fine again,not hot,of course exhaust leaking where the sleeve melted...Any ideas what is going on?Can anyone recomend a good I/O mechanic,rather not pay those marina prices...I am in Chardon OH
  2. i'm GUESSING you melted the bottom hose the first time and didnt see it...

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    Melting an exhaust bellows is due to a lack of water flow.
    You have a restriction or you have a water pump issue.

    Low prices and Good Marine mechanic is an oxymoron.
  4. may be a bad thermostat also
  5. replaced the bad rubber exhaust sleeve,ran the motor at home everything good,so took her over to skeeter,ran up and down the lake for a good 45 min...took all temps on motor with an infared temp gun...looks good...even too off hose that brings up the water from lower unit and it was pumping great...I think when I blew the belt it damaged both rubber boots on exhaust but I only seen the one and when I went out the next trip it showed up...now it is on craiglists...we are going bigger...the thompson is a great boat though...:)
  6. Looking for a Marine mechanic?? look no further I am in Litchfield area and have done work for a few members. I am affordable and quick to respond to problems with your boat. I have 25+ years experience with Marine repair and teaching of the trade. My schedule is a bit tight at the moment as I am returning from a fishing trip on Lake Evans in Quebec Canada.