I need to vent.... What would you do ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Zfish, Jan 21, 2008.

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    My wife and I were just relaxing and watching TV last night in Colorado. About 9pm we get a knock on the door and there is a teenage girl out side that is locked out of her house and wanted to use the phone. Now keep in mind if I would have been in Ohio Becky probably wouldnt have answered being home alone.

    We let her in to use the phone. It was the house right next to us but we really dont know these neighbors. Time keeps passing on and around 10:30 my wife drives the girl to another family members house which again no one is home. About 1130 or so the girl was about falling asleep on the couch so we offered her our spare room to sleep in for the night and taped a note on the neighbors door.

    It's now almost 10 AM (girl is still sleeping which is okay) but no one is at the house next door yet. We're not sure if we should call the police which may get social services involved? I had planned on fishing all day today but I'm at the house until I make sure this girl gets taken care of.

    Now keep in mind I'm not the least bit upset with the girl or not being able to go fishing on my day off. What I'm furious about is that no one has been over here looking for this poor girl. It was -2 degrees last night here in Denver and what would this poor girl have done with no where to go as Im sure knocking on our door was the last thing she wanted to do.

    The people could have had an emergency but almost 14 hours later and no one has been looking for her or made sure she could get inside the house just makes me furious. I dont know what else to do so I guess we'll call the police and see if there is anything they can tell us in case the poeple are looking for the girl.

    Any thoughts on if we're doing the right thing would be appricated. I dont want to get a family in trouble with the police or social services if there really is an issue but then again with it being that cold out someone should be held responsible.
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    Z... how old is the girl? If shes say 14 versus 17, I think the situation greatly increases. I think it's great that you guys were there to help her. I would at least call the authorities, maybe they know something, perhaps somethign happened to her family (hope not) or maybe her family is looking for her. Lots of things could be going on.

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    Kuddos to you Zfish for taking her in. At 14, I agree with H2O, call the authorities. Something serious might be wrong.

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    Yeah.... She finally just woke up and gave us the okay to call the police. There is a lot more to this story now that the police are talking to her. It's sounding like it's a very good thing we called. Parents were mad that she stayed at a friends house and her parents were mad and told her to come home but when she came home the parents split. Sounds like this isnt the 1st time this has happened. The girl is sitting here with the police balling.... It's a cryin shame
  6. Should have called police first immediately. Let them sort it out. No problem with getting a neighbor, or someone else for that matter, in trouble with the authorities if there is a good reason for the situation. You were just trying to help as best you knew how.

    You did the exact correct thing in this particular case.

    But who knows what someone similar to this might have in mind. Could lead to very, very serious consequences. Too scary. I refuse to be alone with an under age female for any reason.
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    Well I wasnt alone with her at any time. My wife has been here the entire time. She's took 1/2 a day off to make sure everything was okay.

    What really gets me is when the police went over and knocked on the door these people were "magically home" How on earth could you leave a child out and on the streets in -2 weather... Or over night in any temp for that matter. Going to get out and go ice fishing. Hopefully some of the steam will cool off on the ice. Will post full report later of ice fishing in the ice fishing section. Going to pick up some minnnows :) Just glad the police are sorting it out now I can relax somewhat.
  8. were they home all night? I would be pizzed that they basically put you out - just because they were mad at their daughter??

    Kudos to you for being the type of person that you are - big thumbs up from me.
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    Yep apparently they were home all night.. It snowed here and there were no new tracks going into the drive way. So they were home all night and because they were mad at their daughter for staying at a friends they thought they'd teach her a lesson by not letting her in. They didnt answer last night when my wife was there or today when my wife went and then I went but they did when the police knocked. I'm furious about that part. Now I just hope nothing bad happens to the girl because the police had to let her in. Makes me kind of nervous now. I guess I'm going to have to pay close attention to these neighbors from here on out.
  10. wow........it'd be REAL hard for me to keep my emotions in check if this happened to me. I think I would have gone over there and had a "heart to heart" with this so called "father"........

    I definately hope the police will take this to social services - I mean that's gotta be something like abandonment or something, wouldn't you think?? To KNOWINGLY leave their daughter outside.........and not ever try to find her the next day???

    i wonder if they called her friends house??

    Terrible......that is terrible that they can do that to their own daughter.
  11. Zfish - way to be a stand up citizen!!! :)

    You have to get a license to go fishing but any a--hole can be a parent!!! :mad:
  12. i dont know if i could have been as calm as u, even though my son is only 5, it would go off on someone doing that to there own child and those neighbors would def know that i was mad about what they did, u did the right thing and ur a stand up guy, which in todays world is something thats lacking.
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    Sounds like a new bumper sticker in the making! ;) :D

    Kudos to you Zfish, that whole situation is nuts.
  14. How can Parents try to teach there daughter a lesson by locking her out of the house in that kind of weather:confused: I mean that crap is seriously dangerous with the temps, my twins are 12 and I couldnt imagine letting them sit out in the cold, rain or just the dark of night period because I wanted to make a point, parents should consider themselves lucky if charges are not pressed on them.
  15. That is not quite right. Anyone can procreate. It takes a bit more love and compassion to be a parent.:mad:

    Zfish, good job for being there for the girl. I guess none of us know the history of the girl's conduct but based on the parents actions if she has made bad decisions in the past it is obvious that she does not have good examples being set by her own parents.

    Hopefully it all works out for the girl. 14 years old is far too young to be deserted by family.
  16. I think what you did was a great thing. The world needs more people like yourself. BKR is right, the home environment is everything and it sounds to me that her home environment isn't very good. I understand if the parents are upset with her, but there are many, many, many different ways they could have handled this. I can't imagine how that girl felt knocking on a strangers door.
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    Bigger unmentioned issue is what if it wasn't Zfish's door but someone else's door and they were not so safe. Not sure what kind of neighborhood you live in there, but then again it doesn't really matter, there are dangerous people everywhere. Could have ended up being another shocking news headline.

  18. You're right, I should have said - You have to get a license to go fishing but any a--hole is allowed to have a kid!!!

    We should mandate some type of test that requires passing before people are allowed to procreate!!!

    I agree, being a parent is a whole lot different then having a kid!!!
  19. You did the right thing.You knew she'd be safe with you and you're wife.She knew that too...
  20. GOOD JOB Zfish! I'd be looking at my neighbors a bit more closely from that point on. Lucky girl indeed to have knocked on your door.

    Seapro, I read your comment and, as an infertile coupple who chose adoption, I wish every parent had to go through the classes, background checks, social worker visits, and other red tape that we did. While it isn't a guarantee, the process would weed out a bunch of people that are simply unfit for parenthood.