I need some advice in spots near Dayton

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  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction to some spots in Dayton?

    I fish off the shore since I don't have a boat yet. I usually go to

    Stillwater River near Heathcliff Road (close to Meijers in Englewood/Clayton)

    Eastwood Metro near the boating docks and towards the very back of the park

    Rainbow Lake....I don't plan on going back there.

    The Pond near the Salem Church of God..something took both my rods into the water and was a pain to get it back out.

    I usually fish for Bass and Catfish but I want to target some musky before the summer is over. any tips?
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    any where along the GMR is pretty good. There are a lot of lowhead dams throughout montgomery county.

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    For muskie try Caesar Creek. There are several good spots to bank fish this lake for muskie. I caught a 21" about 3 years ago while bass fishing with a Mepps size 0 spinner.

    I fish dear meadow park in Moraine. Its loaded with bass. Doesn't require a license. See my moraine posting for directions.

    There is Huffman dam just past Eastwood on route 4 heading North approx 1 1/2-2 miles past Eastwood.

    There is the blue lagoon part of Eastwood. Go past the lake entrance for about 1000 ft and there is another entrance to the park. I've only fished it once but it looks to be a good spot for bass/bluegills. Ive heard they stock it with trout also but haven't confirmed.

    Hope this helps. If you want to go sometime just let me know. Good luck.
  4. Hit the GMR and LMR. Take light colored jigs/twister tails and inline spinner baits. Look for holes and ebb waters and hold on tight! :) Good luck!
  5. the stillwater near dog leg rd. Take rebel craws and tubes. You can wade all the way to peters pike this time of year and catch a pretty fair amount of Smallmouth.
  6. What ya givin up my secret spot for littlin :D Just kiddin. Really anyplace on the stillwater is good fishing. all the way from covington to downtown. Rebel Craws, inline spinners, and twisters and tubes