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  1. So the jaws on my chepo vice are finally givving out. and i did review alot of the previous vice posts. I'm looking at a price range of 100 to 150, and it is between the Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise and the DanVise New-Classic Vise. The DanVice looks like alot of plastic is my only problem with that one. i'm leaning more towards the Griffin any opinions.
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    I had an Odyssey Spider. I liked it a lot. The jaws will securely hold a wide range of hook sizes and it has a true rotary. I had no plans to get anything else until I started tying tube flies. Once you add the tube fly attachment, there is not enough room for the mandrels. I actually sold it on another forum less than a month ago. I don't know anything about the DanVise. If you have no plans to tie tube flies, then I highly recommend the Odyssey Spider.