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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Juan More Fish, May 27, 2008.

  1. Juan More Fish

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    I have a boat.
    BUt how the H*** do you catch suspended fish in a boat.
    I see the fish sonar, but can never seem to catch them in open water.
    Im dying to start catching something in open water. HOw can i do this?
    Any help would be helpful. Thanks Guys.:confused:
  2. Suspended fish are hard to catch. They suspend waiting for something to change before they move or become active. Weather conditions, water temp, thermocline change, PH balance at given depth, or it could be they are in the "zone of confort" which means conditions are just right at that depth for them and they're not willing or wanting to move from it no matter what you throw at them. Vertical jigging may work or slip bobber with live minnows at match depth could also be key. You may have to hang it right in their face for who knows for how long just for them to take notice of it. I'm sure there's other techniques as well that may produce, but your patience will be tested on suspended fish:C

  3. Slow trolling with spider-rigging your poles. In Ohio you're only allowed two poles, but I've done this with a very good success rate. I learned this in Tenn. trolling sixteen poles at once. It's a blast!
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    slip bobber is a great way. what lake are you fishing?
  5. Well the first thing you have to figure out, is what kind of fish are you seening on the depth finder. Are you seening big marks or small marks, or schools of fish bunched up. If you are seening big single marks, they are propably cats or walleye/ saugeye. You can get these by trolling, or anchoring the boat, and try a leach on a slip cork. You can also get gills and perch this way.

    If you are seeing schools of fish on the depth finder, they are propably panfish. And i would anchor up, and use a slip cork and some kind of bait, or small jig to see what kind of fish they are. GOOD LUCK
  6. If the water is somewhat clear (no floating debris) and the sensitivity on your sonar is set correctly, then you are most likely looking at adult shad. Not to say it can't be crappie, cats or eyes. Just saying I wouldn't bother stopping to fish unless I knew those blips were relating to some form of structure other than open water. Shad are plankton feeders and very difficult to catch except by snagging.
  7. That is a great point. One way you can try to answer that question is if you have a good fishfinder you can zoom in on that depth range and see what the marks look like. (assuming you are displaying raw data and not fish ID's) This may show you good arches or it may show a lot of individual marks which would answer the question.

    With live bait or perhaps even with a jig a slip bobber can be very effective at targeting a specific depth. Without the slip bobber you need to rely on a countdown method and consistent speed retrievals or with cranks you need to be familiar with how deep they will run.
  8. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    i am planning on buying a lowerance 67c.
    i have tried a slip bobber with minnows.
    maybe im doing it wrong.
    i think ill try jigging it. See if i can get some results.
    I ve been to hoover,deercreek,and oshannseys.
    still no luck:mad:
  9. seems a lil early for the thermo cline to set up for the larger fish I am with net on this odds are they are large shad at this tiome of yr go just below them and target what might be feeding on them. That is how I would approach it if those fish arent willing to show there true colors.