I need help with this choice.

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  1. ok today is thurs december 6, 2007 .. we just got out fist nice snow and it is supose to snow more tonight ... i need help here should i go out in the morning cuz im going out of town this week end and i will not be anywere that i have land to hunt .... should i go out in the morning with this extra so coming ?..... cuz i have had sittuations were it has snowed and deer have moved alot after it was done... i know thoes deer will not lay there with all that snow on them .... and im sitting over a green clover / hay / some other stuff ... so i am on a food sorce... anyone that is on here could help me with my choice i would apprecite it ... thanks

  2. If you have a confirmed food in the winter period, I personally would be more apt to hunt it from mid-day to evening. My experiences tell me that during the winter, deer will go to bed early, but will leave their bed mid-day or so to feed when early morning to mid-morning (4am-10am) conditions are windy/very cold. They will not move as much on extremely cold or uncomfortable mornings in order to conserve body heat/mass, but will move and browse/feed when the daytime conditions improve. They will likely go to feed early afternoon if the winds lay enough mid-day, especially with a warming sun on cold days.

    I will only hunt winter mornings when I have a identified bedding area, located near a food source. I have bedding areas ID'd, so in the winter period, I will hunt mid days to dark more often, especially on full moon occurances.
  3. I was out Tuesday night after the first snow fall and saw more deer in the picked corn than i have ever seen out there all year. The big 8 point i have hunted all year also appeared at 60 yards. Hit the rattle bag for a few seconds and two more small 8's came in and put on a sparring show. It was a great night. I had to sit for almost an hour after dark to let the deer move out of sight so i could climb down. I will definitely be out there tomorrow night after the snow.