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    i have a 70 hp johnson that needs looked at. i called a marina roughly 2 weeks ago and they told me that they dont start looking at boats until may 5th. so i said ok and i scheduled my boat to be dropped off on may 5th. so i took it down on may 3rd. told the guy what the problem was that i needed looked at and he said ok. then a lady came in that works there and she proceeded to tell me that it will be a WHILE before they will be able to look at my motor.i told her that the guy i talked to a few weeks ago never mentioned that he just said may 5th thats when they start to look at boats and if i wanted to bring it in. the problem is a little running issue which i feel wont hurt the motor at all its just annoying. and one other thing that bugs me is they just leave the keys in the boat while the boat is on the trailer. my question is do i go back and get the boat and use it untill they are ready to look at it or let it sit there for a good couple of weeks and then have them call me with what they found and then have it sit there for a while longer until they get around to fixing it. thanks for any input
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    i would call around and find someone willing to do it sooner. knox marine will give you an appointment and work on it that day while you wait for it to get done. i take mine there from cleveland for their great service. i also have a guy in litchfield west of medina if you are interested...jerry 330 571 2917. your boat sitting there out in the open will take a beating from weather and possibly some critters.



    with 79 reviews and with only 1 post thanks alot freyedknot i called another marina and they can get to it sooner and i am heading to the marina that has my boat and going to pull it out of there on tuesday.i called the marina that has my boat today to try and get a deff. while time frame and i was suppose to have a call from the owner today and i never got my call. knox marina is almost 2 hours from me