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I Need Help On Some Good Books Please

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by eye4neye, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. I Have To Say That The Older I Get The More I Enjot Fishing, But I Do Want To Know If Anyone Here Has A Good Title On Some Books For Walleye And Crappies......i Am Intersted In Reading And Expanding My Knowledge On Several Areas...can You Hep Me Pleeeeeeze Guys...thanks Alot In Advance....eye4neye(tony)
  2. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    If you are interested in Erie, get the book Lake Erie Walleye by Mark Hicks. I recommend the magazine WALLEYE-INSIDER and In-Fisherman, both published by In-Fisherman Pub. The best reads I know of other than this web-site and its members. There are members here who walleye fish competitively and answer questions. :) :)

    - Jim

  3. Go to this site,
    Order a copy of E. L. 'Buck' Perry's book, "The ABC's of Spoonplugging". This is a vital primer for all who aspire to be a serious fisher. Rick Clunn himself attributes his success to the teachings of Buck Perry who first discovered, developed, and defined the basis for modern day sport fishing nearly 60 years ago. Once you study this book you'll feel at home on any body of water the first time you fish it. You'll learn what to look for and how to find and fish it. He also has published an extensive more in-depth study but it's a bit pricey. You may want to go with the ABC's first. You'll be light years ahead of the crowd.
    Secondly. All books published by In-Fisherman. They are advertised in the mag and I believe they are also available through their site.
    Once you learn and APPLY what you've learned you'll be well on your way to inevitable success.

    For some reason the word spoonplugger is shown as spo... on the site add. Type in the whole word, spoonplugger, and you'll be able to reach the site.
  4. THANKS ALOT GUYS......I REAlly liked the responses that i add a little to what you said creasote, my biggest probelm is applying all of the techniques within a body of water that i am fishing...i just got another boat and had to redo the entire thing but it is finally done and i have been fishing for about 25 yrs already and i want to get even more serious about catching some fish.....i have knowledge of several fish but would love to improve the catching of the ones i mentioned before....anyway thanks alot i really appreciate it...i am goping there right now to check out some of these mentioned...once again i am impressed with everyone here....what a great site.....thanks eye4neye(tony)