i need help fing a place to fish with a 5 year old!!!!

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  1. my 5 year old step son was at his grandma's house today when he calls me a said he wants to go fishing today to catch grandpa some cat fish to eat....and before i realized it i told him i'll take him..i dont know of to many places to fish around cambride or byesville that is easy to set up for a 5 year old i need a place i can pull up and park the car right next to the rods incase he gets cold can some one help me please or im gonna have to hurt his feelings and tell grandpa he has to wait a few weeks!!!!
  2. Gosh, That ain't going to be a easy thing to do right now. The weather like it is the water is freezing back up everywhere. Look at the Cambridge City duck pond. Theres a ton of catfish in it if it ain't frozen. Look on the brite side - 15 minutes out in the cold and that little pup will be ready to go to Riesbecks Food Mart with you and pick out a fish from the sea food window case. You can let him pick it and what ever he picks tell him it's a catfish. Then set up a date when it's warmer. That's a (win/win) situation that way. Your heart is in the right place just bad timing.

  3. hahahaha.....never thought of that..the wife is out getting him now she is gonna walk him to the creek behind my moms and let him fish for awhile then i already have a few packs of farm raised cat in the freezer they can have....thanks for the info i would of never thoght of that myself i was the same one knowing it is freezing outside that said i'll take him for some reason i aint thinking to good today
  4. Next time try the Cambridge city res. It is on old Byesville rd. between Byesville and Cambridge. They pump water in there all the time and there is always open water. They also stocked it several years ago with channels and you can get some pretty good ones at times. Just leave my kids alone (bass), they are waiting on me come spring. LOL
  5. Hey Tiny. How many little ones are you raising in the Cambridge reservior? Dang, I'd hate to hook one of your loved ones. LOL :) I'll make sure I catch and release. hahahahahahahah. Your right - that is a good place for a nice stringer of eating size cat's.
  6. LMAO !!!! I get some good ones there from time to time. Nice place to go when you just want to catch some fish and not get run over or pushed around. I always catch and release there but some dont. As long as they dont get any of the 5-6lbers that are there, I wont cry too much !!! LOL
  7. 5-6 pound bass....sry man im on it i'll be sure to post and tell you how good of a fight they where and better yet how they tasted...lol...naw its my wife you have to worrie about she is the bass/trout fan i am happy with just plan ol'catfish......i'll try not to tell her but if she finds out i think the bass population my fall...lol
  8. i tried to get a map of the cambridge city reservior with no luck can some one please help me out.....the only thing i can find to fish between here and there is wills creek
  9. Boy on that link they make it sound like a great place to go on a vacation!! LOL Maybe they wont see all the junk that people throw in there if they fish after dark. The city workers in charge of pumping the water in there come up and monitor the water level every morning and pick-up all the trash that idiots throw out every night. I wont take my boat out at night because I am afraid someone will trash my car while I am fishing. The city police and the sheriffs patrol it but it dont do much good.
  10. now you are telling me what i dont want to hear......so what you are saying is that it turns into brooklyn newyork at night when your done fishing dont get up just call a tow truck and wait huh.....im starting to think that i need a bike to fish there...lol....well i found it today and it looks nice but froze over pretty good there are a few spots that might be free by saterday but i dont know....if not im going to salt fork at the spill way and see whats going on thanks for your help everyone
  11. Its not that bad. I just dont trust my car sitting there when I am out in the boat. Alot of people just use it for a party place.and throw their junk anywhere. I have never had any trouble there,but I dont want to temp them. If you are close to your car you are in good shape. LOL They stocked it years ago and it has some good cats in it. A lot of people fish right where the water is pumped in. There is always Bass and Crappies there. If you are lucky enough to be there when they shut the water off,you will see some of the largest Carp of your life!!!
  12. its all good cause my wife drops me off to fish anyways im not worried if they want my p.o.s. take it please...........lol......i like to hook a carp everyonce in awhile they give a good fight i make home made dough balls when i get in the mood to change pace i got some out of the muskingum river at 20+pounds