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  1. I have recently upgraded to a 16' Deep V which i purchased from Procraft21's uncle. So that means it is time to say goodbye to a good friend.

    i have a Portable bass boat that slides into the back of a pickup.
    It is a 2001 9' 6" bass hunter and in great shape.
    it comes with a 1997 3hp johnson with very low hours.
    A bottom line fish finder.
    and a front navagation light (red/green)

    What do you think would be a fair asking price for this package?

    i do know that this same boat sells for 650 brand new in Bass Pro.

    i have no idea what would be a fair price and wanted to get an idea so i can put it on the marketplace.

    Thanks for you help
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    you might want to sell boat /motor separately. the motor would be great for a canoe.

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