I need a job in Northeast Ohio

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  1. Hey guys, I'm hoping to move up to Kent at the beginning of the year but I need to find a job first. I've been applying at a lot of places but I was hoping someone on here might be able to help. I know how good of guys everyone is and always willing to help. If anyone around Kent or Akron know of any place hiring I would really appreciate if you could help me out. Thanks
  2. What kind of work are you looking for ?

  3. Anything really. I dont want to sound picky but I really dont want to work in the food business. I've delivered pizza for like 4 years. I don't have a whole lot of experience at much, I'm only 20. I would really like to find something in the transportation/delivery business seeing as I would like to get my CDL someday, but anything full time will work for me. Thanks
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    The problem is North East Ohio is suppose to be one of the worst places because of the economy. We have lots of shops and other busineses and Failing daily. Houseforeclosure is on the rise here we have lote of them for sale. But jobs? Nothing mostly but minimumwage. Bad place to come at this point in time. Pretty good places to live normally but not so good now.
  5. What all does it take to get a CDL? Why not do that first?
  6. Well you only have to be 18 to get your CDL, but you have to be 21 to drive out of state. I called a lot of places that do delivery in state, like Pepsi, 7UP, etc. but they want someone whose at least 21. They usually reserve those jobs to the guys that have experience.
  7. i'm toying with the idea of driving of truck too. it takes about 6-8 weeks. classes maybe out of state. most big companies will pay for your schooling in return you will have to work for that company for a year.if classes is out state,the company will pay for hotel, food, transportation.most places will not hire you without 1 year OTR experience.and honestly i would rather be a company driver and not a owner opertator with the economy the way it is.
  8. Yeah, a company driver seems to be the more practical way to go now-a-days with the price of diesel the way it is. I would have to drive for a company because I have no idea about working on diesel engines.
  9. tonight you should listen to america's trucking network on 700wlw am or 700wlw.com between 12amand 5am. call in and ask questions lots of info there
  10. yeah that does sound interesting, i'll have to check it out tonight
  11. If you can drive a truck you can get a drug test and rent a truck at a testing station like the one in Willard OH.

    I think I paid $200 for the truck and $50 for the test but you better hurry because I heard that after the first of the year the only way you can get a CDL is by going to a school.
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    Have you considered the Military? Excellent training and benefits in many careers. I was in for 9 and after I figured out the game it was actually enjoyable.
  13. The only reason I'm hoping to move to Kent is because I have 3 friends that live there in a house but the one is moving out & they want someone else to help split bills. Thats why I'd like to move up there. Thanks for all the help though guys
  14. my brother graduated from kent state. i used to drive up from dayton to visit him every weekend.
  15. You can get your CDL for free, I did. There is a school in Indianapolis called C1 Professional Training Center. You hire in to a company like USA Truck, PAM Transport, etc and they will pay for your schooling, housing, etc. You have to sign a contract with the company and drive for them for one year from the date you get your CDL. If you quit before then you have to reimburse the company your shooling fee and its $5000. I got mine and have been driving ever since and never paid a dime for my schooling. There is another school here in Columbus called Roadmaster Driving School thats hires into companies such as SWIFT and Werner and has similar programs. To be completely honest though, the money the first year sucks. I think I started at USA Truck for .24 a mile. If you have a family, over the road trucking aint the way to go either. I thought I would like being away all the time just me and the road but it gets old real quick and most of the time you are out weeks at a time before you get home time and it might only be a day or two and your right back out on the road. I drive local now and the money is so much better and I'm home every night. One thing for sure though, there are more driving jobs then drivers so if you get a CDL you will never have to be worried about being unemployed!!

    Just wanted to add an edit, I saw in another post that the schooling was 6 to 8 weeks. C1 in Indy is a 2 week program and Roadmaster here in Columbus is a 3 week program.
  16. Cuyahoga Community College has a new semi truck driving school. 4 brand new trucks- 3 stick 1 auto. Was on tv8 news this morning with Kenny Crumpton. Might be on the myfoxcleveland.com sight. You practice driving around the closed Euclid Square Mall I believe.
  17. PARTA in Kent(across from Dix/KSU Stadium) is always running ads looking for passenger bus/van drivers. I think they have benefits and union-plus parttime also. Might only take a chauffers license-not sure. Also, not sure if they have an age limit. You might call them up.
  18. get a job as a barback at Ray's. its a bar in kent. you will make alot of money
  19. Look in the Kent Stater they usually had a "Help Wanted" section...
  20. Yeah I'm gonna try PARTA when I go back up to Kent on Monday. I got a buddy that works there but he said they hire students first, so we'll see. I might try that Ray's bar. Do you happen to know if they're hiring or anything? Wasnt sure if you worked there or used to work there before. I read the Kent Stater online but dont have too much, hopefully they'll have more ads in like Sunday's paper.