I need a bit of help identifying my Quantum reel

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by bkr43050, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I just picked up a Quantum Energy baitcaster that was nearly new. I am sure I got a great deal on it but I was trying to find a price on it online. I have not been able to locate the exact model that I have. It is a Quantum Energy E400C. It is not the PT series. I don't have a picture of the reel at the time. I also wanted to find the schematics for it for future reference. Can anyone provide me with some insight on this one? I am not very up-to-date on the Quantum reels. I imagine someone here has the same one that can help me out.

  2. I could probably use that schematic for assembly/disassembly purposes. What I was also hoping to have it for was for part replacement in the future if I needed to order anything.

    This reel does not mention the PT on it at all. I am thinking it is prior to the PT series?