I Love The Olentangy

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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I have been a lurker here for sometime and just had to join and brag. I had the best day fishing on the Olentangy I could ever imagine. A Fish Ohio Smallie (22 in) :B and a Fish Ohio White Bass (16 in) :B both during the same trip this morning.

    Total catch was 5 smallies, 2 whites, 1 crappie, 1 bluegill, and 1 rock bass.

    Not a bad 2 hours of fishing :)

    I look forward to participating in the forums

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    Welcome aboard! Olentangy used to be my favorite, now I'm a big Walnut nut. Floated it Sat morning in the yak, did good not great, saw 6 deer, 2 owls, muskrat, 3 herons, many many ducks and babies, a snake that made me scream like a girl(I hate them!). Not to hijack the thread, but do you think its legal to have a concrete company dump their runoff from cleanup(many, many trucks a day) right into the creek? I worked for a paving company for 20 years, concrete is hazardous material while it wet, the creek below where it runs into it really clouds up and has a bad smell, just wondering, don't want my creek poluted.
    And welcome again, hijack attempt over...

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    Im just wondering what part of the olentangy were you fishing at, i was wanting to try just north of antrim lake where the new bike bridge is, looks like a prime area to catch some big fish. I also wanted to try on the backside of antrim lake where the olentangy curves around antrim lake, that also looks like a good area..thanks pete
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  4. Hey guys whats up? I was interested in the general area as well. I have fished the area near antrim and pulled several smallies of 2-3lb range out of there. I am at my g/f's house near dodridge and I thought about going down the the tangy today. I have an ultralight pole and some curly tail gurls I could throw. Anyone have any luck in that area of the tangy?
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    Welcome Smallienut. Congrats on a great day of fishing.
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    Welcome to OGF....Probably one of the best generalized fishing forums on the net! (IM0)

    However your case points out a somewhat troublesome issue with these forums: Lurkers. Not that you were doing anything wrong! (A few of my buddies lurk here all the time) but posting specific information, or heck, even general-area information, will likely reasult in a death sentance for the spot/strech posted (ESPECIALLY if you mention you pulled a 22" out of there!)...The vast majority of our memebers are respectful and practice CPR (Catch-Photo-Release)...However they aren't the only ones that read these forums on a daily basis :rolleyes:

    I've seen it happen first hand, and man...It's ugly. Imagine walking down to your favorite hole (that got posted a couple weeks back) only to find a couple of guys putting 18"+ Smallies on the stringer....

    I try to save specifics for PM's (If im familiar with the memeber) and just post the name of the river/stream (as you did)...And sometimes give referance to a landmark (IE North of/South of Delaware Dam...But even that gets iffy). Not trying to tell you what to do, just giving you a heads up! By all means post as you please, just keep in mind that this forum is not a real big secret.

    And man, a 22" river Smallie (especially out of the Olentangy) is a beast...We rarely hear about stream Smallies breaking 21"....What did you catch her on?? Did you get a pic??
  7. All the fish I caught are still swimming in the river. I am catch and release all the way. Well except for Walleye and Perch :) I caught all the fish on the discontined Burke jig. Straight tail 1/32 oz jig. I have always had great luck with those in rivers. I use an ultralight rig with 4lb test.

    Oh and wildlife galore. Lots of ducks and geese. Snakes of course and herons All in all a great morning just to be out and about.

    I can't tell you where I catch my fish for fear of the afore mentioned crowd scenario. I do think the Olentangy in general is a nice river no matter where you fish.

    No pictures:( It was a spur of the moment trip and my first outing of the year. Trust me I am carrying my camera from now on.

    I have often wondered about the spot behind Antrim May have to give that a go sometime.

    Good luck with the fishing.
  8. StuckAtHome

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    In the next few weeks I plan on floating somewhat near than stretch, my uncle owns land next to the river(and the river beneath it as well, lol) near henderson, plan on putting upstream appox. 4-6 river miles (wonder how far up highbanks would be river miles wise?). Olentangy is such a pretty river but I hear starting around OSU general area to about confluence not as nice due to runoff and trash, and above highbanks to delaware hard to get into with all the private posted signs, but man is that river up there pretty! I need to find the lowhead dams though, isn't there one around 161? portagable? And acklac7 is sooo right, alot of lurking meat fishermen, not that its wrong to keep a few to eat, but these small systems can't handle all the "good" fish or even all the sizes removed, then we turn to carp fishing,lol.
    Have a great holiday fellows, may your lines be tight...
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    Wow... a 22 inch smallmouth out of the Olentangy... I would have never thought there were smallmouth that big in there. I may give behind Antrim a try some time. I just discovered the forum and I guess I'm a bit of a lurker, but no worries, I won't be taking any bass home... Strictly CPR (usually just C & R unless there's a worthwhile photo).
  10. Congratulations on the great smallie and a pretty dang nice WB to boot, sounds like a great morning(to bad I was at work:( ) I will echo the thoughts about to many specifics, it can kill a stretch in a blink of a eye, I was in the Central Ohio forum a few weeks back before heading to work, I seen there was like 15 people viewing it, as it turned out there was only like 2 or 3 members, the rest were lurkers and a good part of them probably meat hunters, I have personally seen guys stringer up 16-17" smallies and its a sad sight.
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    Last year my brother and I canoed from that shopping center on Olentangy River Road up in Worthington on down to the bike bridge next to Olentangy Village apartments (High and Kelso) and pulled out there. I have measured that on my bike odometer to be about nine miles. Later I found a better put-in just about a quarter mile south of that on the other side of the river. Just park on the south end of the parking lot in that park off of Wilson Bridge Road and put in just behind the tennis courts. There are about 8-10 low-head dams between 270 and Henderson Road and then one more between North Broadway and that bike bridge. A few are made of concrete and the rest are just crude rock structures. They are all easily portaged IF THE WATER IS LOW AND SLOW. PEOPLE HAVE DIED on those dams in years past so be careful. You should call the Delaware park office beforehand because sometimes they release a ton of water and the river can go up a foot or two in a very short period. It doesn't always seem to make sense when they do this, but they will be happy to tell you their plans if you call. They tell me it takes seven hours for the water to get from the dam to Worthington so you can check USGS, head out in the morning and think you are cool, and be doing whitewater before you are finished. I can not remember which number I called, but I believe it was one of these found at the Army Corps site.

  12. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    Thanks for the info., I was at the confluence one night when delaware did that, clear skies, no rain for many days, water was normal when launched, got back and it rose a couple feet in just a few hours.
  13. Sorry to hijack real quick.

    If you guys are serious about protecting stream smallies check maumeetackle.net. The owner is trying to get the regs changed. That is one of the only ways you will see few stream smallies on a stringer.

    Anyway. Great couple of fish and a nice mixed bag to boot. A douce-douce 22" is HUGE. I have not yet got one that big out of a river/stream. I bet that was a blast. Especially on light gear. Thanks for helping me keep the dream alive.