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    ok so everyone knows that i got Bruiser the Red Tail Catfish from Jack's due to people not knowing what he was on giving him to me for the third of the price, well my luck continues. I was at a store that im not goin to say the location, but i asked for some rosies and goldfish for peewee and the oscars. So i left and in the car jen said hey that doesnt look like a feeder fish.... i looked in the bag and it was a Tiger Shovelnose Catfish... So now i have two of the monsters of the amazon in my new fish tank, i am stoked right now :) . But now the question is what should i name him??? Jen says Stripes because of his coloration but im not sure. What do you guys think?[​IMG]
  2. lucky..sounds about right

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    Man.... that's a $60 fish.
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    How about Mistake. S
  5. Name him Oopsie, or Oops.

    Or Lucky1 Jr. :p
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    1) Pinstripe
    2) Chance
    3) Mr. Murrow- Edward Murrow was known for saying "Good night" (catfish are nocturnal) and "Good Luck" (the way he was purchased);)
    Do a google on "Good night, Good luck"!