I`ll make a

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by capt-hook, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. I`ll make a fisherman out of him yet.
    Also save these photos for memory lane.

    My grandson, DEXTER.

    Oh and one 17 incher (crappie) by grand dad.

    capt hook

    :p click on photo for enlargement.
  2. topwaterdevil

    topwaterdevil SMB and Saugeyes.

    Wow! Those are some nice Crappie!

  3. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Nice fish, Crappie and Bass. cool to see ya getting him into fishing. i think he is already a fishermen.
  4. Thats one dandy crappie, I need to take more pics when my son and I are out(not that we slay them all the time) just capturing the moment kinda thing.
  5. Hey Crazy,
    Your right. Ya know they don`t get any younger.
    So now I have three granddaughters and two grandsons fishin,,:p
    One now off to colledge, but carrying memories with her.

    Capt H00k