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I Know Where a Boat is BUT????

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by bassattacker, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. well around the corner from my work there is a tracker boat, its been sitting for atleast the past 3-5 years with no cover, i am positive the carpet and wood would need replaced thats 100% sure cause theres small weeds growing in it LOL, heres the help i need

    1. how would one go about asking the owner of this boat whose let it sit for atleast 3-5 years or longer would u like to sell that boat?

    2. the motor and trolling motor have sat out in the weather they whole time too, and im sure it would be wise to replace the wiring as well, the trolling motor i know id scrap, but what about the motor?

    3. the Hull is in excellent condition considering its sat as long as it has, but just incase what should i look for when i do get a chance to stop and talk to the owner of this boat?

    4. what would be a reasonable price for a boat like this, its atleast a 14-16' BassTracker, probally a mid 90's-late 90's model could be older not really sure, but a ball park figure would do fine as a starting point.

    5. any other concerns that anyone would have when looking at boats like this?

    any info would be greatly appreciated for this, im not worryed about having to do some work to make it functional, i have tons a friends who can help get it up and running again. thanks for any info ahead of time.
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    I would do a compression test on the outboard.
  4. so get off the computer and go ask. could be the guy died and mom just don;t know what to do with the stuff , look it over make a fair offer so both are happy , you get a deal and she got rid of the boat. my feelings is a low offer ,sounds like some work to be done.
  5. Check to see if the plug was left out (so water drained) or in, so the hull held water. Freeze/thaw is not good for rivits and seams. You will need new tires as well. Probably a minimum of a carb rebuild and a new gas tank and hoses for the engine. If the seats are in it they will be rotten too, as they have plywood in them. If it sat due to engine troubles you need to have that checked and adjust price accordingly. Fix-up cost can add up fast, especially with all the unknowns. Might be worth it if the price was "right".

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    I agree with Tim. Better approach this with the thought of gutting the whole interior. Once you factor up the cost of carpet, seats, storage, any decking etc. you may be in for a big surprise to your pocketbook.

    I would also imagine an engine that has been sitting outside for that long is bound to have some rust in the cylinders from condensation unless it was properly winterized...but even then???

    Good luck, and do your homework before making an offer.
  7. imma stop by the place and ask the guy/lady about it monday and ill let u all know. def going to look it over well and look at all the things u all have mentioned thanks for the replys, u all are always helpful and knowledgable.