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  1. I started tying up some steelhead patterns and i searched Youtube for some tips on egg patterns. i noticed just about everyone used either glo-bug yarn or those little rubbery looking eggs. i guess my question is, is that my only options for eggs i tried spinning deer body hair but i'm not sure it is going to have the same effect. my other question for all of you is would i be crazy to go up there with my 5wt? i used to use my ultra-light any advice would be great.
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    mcfly foam is the best for eggs. glo yarn works too. there are also some soft rubber eggs you can order online but i never tried um. i never had much luck with eggs everytime I go. I got all mine so far on clouser minnows. red/white and olive/white shiner pattern also one with a all white with crystal flash pattern also I made up. will try eggs this year. also try sucker spawn patterns. I hear they work great. there are crystal meths too its a shiny sucker spawn pattern

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    We took a old guy from work out 2 years ago and he brought a 5wt 8 footer! He hooked 3 and landed 2. All 8+ pound hens! So, no you wouldnt be crazy.
  4. well thanks i wasn't sure how that was going to work i haven't caught anything big enough on my 5 wt yet to see what it's like so i already know i will probably lose a fish or 5 and probably some leaders but i am bound and determined to get one on my fly rod this year
    The other thing is do you guy's order your hourglass eyes or has some one found them at a craft store or wally world
    i have tried a few things in place of those but they did not work as well as i plained
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    It's never to early! No such thing! But by the way last week caught a 24 inch bow on my 0wt and 6x tippet so a 5wt. rod will do just fine.:)
  6. I fish Rocky River in Cleveland and have hooked and succesfully landed many steelhead, some up to 9 pounds. If I'm drifting eggs or nymphs, or anything that doesn't require a delicate touch, I'll use simple fluorocarbon line as my leader. I fished most of spring with 4lb Berkley vanish and only lost 1 or two fish out of every 10. I was also using a 8.5 5 weight two piece rod from gander mountain and never knew it wasn't " suitable ". Since then I've upgraded to an 8 weight, but have yet to hook a steelhead since spring, so I can say that if you have some patience and skill you can land and enjoy some of they biggest steelhead. I think most people break their flyrods while jerking it to free snags.