i just got a free dell pc need help

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  1. dell diminsion 2400. with xp home. xp will not load at all not even in safe mode. it goes from the dell screen to a plain black screen. it will not boot from the XP CD.plus while the computer is on the is a constant buzzing noise.i don't know if this was caused by a virus or not. i do have the real xp cd for this pc.i am thinking maybe the on board dell video card is bad.i want to try to fix this pc if possible. because i don't like vista. i don't want a vista pc at this time.both fans work so heat is not a issue.when i press f8 i can get to the options but it will not load in safe mode.

  2. I can take a look at it for you. Dell PC's sometimes only work with Dell's OS. So if you have a OS that didn't come with the pc then that may not work on it. Have you tried to check the boot order to make sure it's set to boot from the cd?

  3. how do i check the boot order?
  4. I have a dim. 8200 that for whatever reason the D lite on the back it lit in yellow is that a failure for the motherboard?
  5. Just boot up from the windows cd-rom and re-install windows. Right after you see the CMOS come up start tapping the F12 button. This will give you a boot up menu and tell it to boot from the CD-ROM and load windows from scratch.
  6. Wow, I got so busy I completely forgot about this :(. Sorry. If F12 doesn't work then try F8 and up. I know it's F8 on my pc but it's different on others. It's to much to ask for them to be save on every pc.
  7. This is not true.

    You might have trouble finding a Dell Specific driver, but any OS will work just fine on Dell hardware, and with a little patience, I've never NOT been able to find a driver I need.
  8. i just got another dell 2400. it was given to me cause the hard drive crashed. i put a new hard drive in and formatted it. but the pc automaticaly starts in safe mode how do i fix that? this dell is going to be used to stream my netflix movies from the internet to my HDTV. the OS is xp with sp2. another question on a different pc i got which was built on a budget. i upgraded the memory with 2 512 sticks. it had 1 512 already in it, after i put the 2 512 in, it killed the hard drive.was this a case of too much memory or not all the same brand of memory.
  9. A new hard drive will usually requires a new OS if the hd you were replacing was the master drive.

    As for your second question. I never heard of memory affecting HD. You sure you didn't loosen a cable or something while you were working inside the case?
  10. He formatted the HD so he was installing the new OS.

    Honestly don't know why it keeps booting in safe mode. Are you accidentally booting from the CD? Did you boot from the CD first to finish the install? Did you change the boot order in BIOS?

    I'd try getting in BIOS and see if you have something changed by accident. Also in XP there is a setting that boots it in safe mode. Make sure thats not selected anymore. Typically though windows doesn't keep safe mode accessible. After a reboot it normally goes back to normal.

    The memory shouldn't have fried your HD at all. Make sure you are using the correct supporting speeds with your memory. Also check your power cable and IDE/SATA cords running to your HD.