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  1. I don't know how many of our members see the Sandusky Register, but below is a link to an article about what happened to 3 Ice Fisherman yesterday.


    What gives someone the right to call 911 because "they" think that the ice is unsafe for the men to be out on. From the picture, these guys have all the correct gear, and are most likely experienced fisherman, but yet they were forced to get off the ice.

    I just had a discussion with a co-worker (former navy/submarine seaman) and he believes the LEO/EMS were in the right. If the men would have been in trouble, then that in turn puts the rescuer's in risk. He also said look at statistics of last year about the number of rescues on mother Erie. I totally agree with this, but the fact that it is not illegal to icefish, and it is a sport of "at your own risk" just burns my arse over this! The 911 caller should be charged in this situation for wasting time and $, all of which is much more important than forcing some guys off the ice for doing what they love!

    He didn't have much to say when I brought up the statistics of car accidents when there is 2" of snow on the ground. You can't tell me that someone in a 3,000lb car in adverse weather is creating a safer situation for LEO/EMS than this!!!
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    thats horribly crazily wrong/stupid. one of these days men and women everywhere will be able to make their own decisions.....um prolly not ):

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    but there are some people who need to be protected from themselves?
  4. Seat belt law. Protecting folks from themselves. I can see a motorcycle helmet law, since an accident affecting others can happen due to a rider taking an object to the head that a helmet could have been stopped by the helmet. Not wearing a seat belt doesn't avoid accidents - only helps after the incident (and is a revenue maker). I'm not against the law (I always wear seat belts), but should probably only apply to those too young to make their own decisions.
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    I agree with fisherman...I just dont understand why the 911 caller decided to take this situation into his / her own hands???
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    With no disrespect to the other posters in the thread...........2-3" of Ice on Erie? , snow covered, and with the currents that run off Catawba point?......Actually, they are pretty lucky that things went down the way they did, or we may be reading a post about how us tax payers had to pay for a search / rescue mission for 3 Ice Fisherman on un-safe Ice on Lake Erie.........Usually if March we read posts about how angry we are that guys are out and having to be rescued off thin ice..............2-3" on an inland pond is way different ice than 2-3" on Erie.

    Its unfortunate for everyonres rights that it had to come down to being "ordered" off the ice...........The firemen probably told then how much it would cost them to have to come back and rescue them........LOL
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    I agree, but in my mind just gettin down to the meat, i think well "if someones house catches on fire (cost of fire dept, search, clean up, etc) should someone call 911 on someone cause they are using the stove or someone takes off in a car when the roads have 2-3" of ice and snow on top of that,,,,you know what i mean?
    its like the chances we take are ours to take and if something unfortunate happens we will suffer the consequences. And i know taxpayer money is involved but a large portion of the bill goes to the "victims" careflight charges you, ambulance ride cost ya, etc. I dont know about fire trucks but i may guess you might have to pay something for that too. now for the people that might have to risk their lives to save your butt, well thats their job and they voluntarily signed up for that....knowing the risks/situations they face. just thinkin
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    Well said. I agree 100%.
  9. 2-3 " of ice plus open water nearby... More b@ll$ than brains IMO
  10. Just when you thought the world was idiot proof, along comes somebody to show you it isn't.
  11. Does the FD's order for them to get off the ice have more to do with liability and bad publicity against the reporting agency(s) than impeading a fishing trip. What would the papers write if the guys were to get into trouble after the the S&R team cleared them to stay. They would rake some balls over the coals that's what they would do.

    I agree a man should be able to do as he pleases within the law. However, I am also happy to hear no one is hurt...other than a few ego's maybe.
  12. I believe that it all comes down to one thing, and one thing only....Common Sense. I understand that not everyone has that, but those of us that do wouldn't even attempt to go out on ice that was only 2"-3" thick. I don't care who you are, if you're stupid enough to go out on that thin of ice, not caring about your own safety or your buddies' safety, then you deserve to be ordered off the ice. I'm just glad to hear it turned out for good and not worse. Like some of you have said, it could have been a report about a couple of ice fishermen drowning from going out on unsafe ice.:eek: . Just my $.02 worth.... BD
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    if there was ANY doubt about their safety,the f.d. officer in charge really only had one option,to get them off of the ice.
    here's another point.IF the fishermen would have had to been rescued,the fire departments personnel,equipment and resources would have been tied up for quite a while.during that time,if there had been any other types of emergency calls they wouldn't have been able to respond to it.
    i'm sure they didn't want to have to tell them to come back in.
  14. The last referenced article didn't say anything about a vehicle. Said they pulled sleds with equipment. That truck would not be there on 2 to 3 inches of ice.
  15. I know one of the guys that was ordered off the ice and i know his family well. he is an avid ice fisherman and has been around the block so he knew what he was doing. i do disagree with him goin out on the thin early ice. but he knows what he is doin and had all the precautionary gear and has ice fished erie for years and has made this early ice trip many times before and noone has called the authorities on them before. i hate the fact that someone called on him, he made the choice to drive allthe way up there to fish knowing the ice was a lil on the thin side. just my input on this
  16. I just mentioned that as another example of "darwin" as work...:)
  17. That was my intent when posting this article. I saw one of the guys posted a comment to the article on the newspaper, and he said the ice was 4-6" in most places. I only take the information in the newspaper articles with a grain of salt, as usually it is blown out of porportion.

    I do think it was a risky move, but my anger has subsided now. The thought of someone standing on dry land (which indeed they weren't, it was a pilot flying overhead) to call the LEO's is just wrong in my eyes.

    Now the guy with the 3/4 ton, that's just a bit crazy on a day when the temps were as warm as they were and the wind we had.
  18. How ironic with the rescue today....Also today's PD had a front page article on ice fishing and also showed some guys on a quad crossing a 1 foot crack in the ice @ Catawba...