I Hope It Stays

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by bassmastermjb, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Let the dog out this morning and looked over Lake Rockwell.TOTAL SKIM ACROSS THE WHOLE LAKE.Hope this is the beginning of an early ice season.Lets keep the fingers crossed............Mark
  2. If it stays, it'll the earliest ice that I can ever remember

  3. i seen the 10 day forecast, says 40's for the 1st week of dec,,,, what do u think jon,,? will the nite times temps be cold enough to keep ice
  4. Wind will play a major factor in ice formation also.

    Even if daytime air temps are above freezing, the lake water surface temps will continue to drop due to melting snow.
  5. lets hope to be out my newyears
  6. Best case scenario would be ice on Old State Park within the next 7-14 days. We'll see.
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    JOHN.....Or one of the back bays at NIMI......or could be Palm Road at Mogadore..... Sam!!!!!!!!!! with the prediction of rain Mon or Tues....probably will have an effect on it for now......JonSr. Hope not, but is still a waiting game at best.....
  8. ya guys ,, lets hold are breaths,, kinda like the navy taught me,,,,HURRY UP AND WAIT PETTY OFFICER!!!!
  9. Palm Rd has skim ice on it Thursday. I've never fished there... Have you had any luck fishing those shallow waters?
  10. Only With Ice, I Took My Boat Out There This Year And Not A Dam Bite,,, But Last Year I Was Doing Pretty Good There, I Had To Move Around Allot...
  11. Did you park at the turn... Where Palm Rd & Saxe Rd meet?
  12. Yes Sir, That Where I Drag My Shanty From,,, Out About 200yrds I Kinda Watch Where The Sun Is On The Part,,, Stay In The Path Of The Sunlite
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    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    John....CLR to Palm Rd. has ton's of dinks( but it has it's share of nice) crappies/gills/ redears/perch/and bass.....and as sam has pointed out, moving around can have better rewards at times......when one area seems slow.....dont just anchor(HAHA) down .....Jon SR.
  14. Ya I Moved About 3 Or 4 Times.,.... Like I Say .. I Stay In The Direct Sunlight On That Part , I Kinda Fallow The Sunspath On The Ice
  15. i drove down 43 today to see mogadore and west of 43 and the south part of that side all that i could see from 43 was skimmed over and east of there was skimmed also i love it hope it stays
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    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    PS73......hey guy........thats what we were talk about.....hope is sooner, than later.....See ya soon........ Jon Sr.
  17. old state park had skim ice all over it today until someone with a boat went through it and had a path cleared. all the portage lakes has ice nimi. included.