I have some questions...

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  1. What does the State hatcheries do with the HEN pheasants??
    (I assume they sex the chicks somehow and then....???, they probably don't raise them except some for broodstock, due to the cost of feeding them to adulthood. Why not raise them, stock them, and legalize them-at least for some controlled/limited hunting? There are very few wild birds in the state anyway. Who knows, maybe they could stock them in farming areas and develop a native flock?!
    I didn't search this forum for this topic, maybe it's been thoroughly discussed already?
  2. odnr do not keep hen pheasants,they trade them back in for roosters,because they say a pen raised bird wont breed,but i know for a fact that they will.

  3. Hen pheasants will breed, but rarely sit on the nest and hatch the chicks successfully.