I have one day at Lake Barkley - any thoughts?

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  1. As title says, I have an open day at Lake Barkley. Going down this Friday for a wedding on Saturday night. This leaves me with an open morning and most of an afternoon to get a line wet. I'm bringing my jigging rod and will just hit the banks of any open water I can find - unless any one here has a suggestion??? I'm staying at the Lake Barkley Lodge and that is all I know of the entire area.

    Any thoughts/opinions/ways to get out of the wedding would be appreciated.

  2. Top water near the buck brush or grass.A spook works well.If you can get close enough to the brush flipp a lizard right in the middle.Me and some buddies are heading down on Tuesday for our annual trip and we stay not to far from the lodge.My favorite place to fish.

  3. Thanks for the info. It flat-out kills me that I'm going to be at a great lake like this for such a small window of time. Couldn't get any time off work, and have to be back early on Sunday - no time to enjoy it longer. Oh well, at least I'll get a taste of it anyway...
  4. I was just down on K lake last weekend and we killed them hitting the buckbrushes in 1 ft of water, were using 4" senkos and a light weight.
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    Well you could get a guide. The bass on Barkley and Ky lake are extremely point sensitive. They're probably post spawn and still hanging on the secondary points or even main lake points. Try and find some that still have some grass on the end of them. That'll be hard though without a fish finder.

    If you can't find any point access from shore just try and fish under a bridge. It should funnel some fish to you. Maybe you should go for cats and crappie since you're banking it.
  6. Sorry to not be clear - I would rather go for the crappie. I thought mentioning a jigging rod would indicate that. Yeah, Never been much for bass fishing from the bank (unless a farm pond), but bringing a baitcaster won't take up much more room! Just not enough time there to warrant pulling the boat.