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    This really, REALLY chaps my behind. I was in a store today that I won't name in an area of town that I won't name. (I'm in the Cincy area and like many places in Ohio, our power has been out for a while.) As I walked past the customer service desk line, I saw two out of the 6 people in line that had returns. Guess what the returns were? Coleman stoves and lanterns. Hmmmmmmmm- let's see. Power goes out Sunday and doesn't come back until a few days later. So, you go buy a stove and a lantern so you can do some cooking at home and see what you are doing. That's fine and dandy and a good move on your part. But when the power comes back on, you take the stuff back to the store??? Like it's their responsibility to take the stuff back just because you don't need it anymore? How is that their job? I'd tell these people to enjoy their new stuff 'cuz I ain't taking it back. It's not defective, it's been used, it DID THE JOB YOU WANTED IT TO DO and now you want me to simply take it back and eat that money? Uh-uh baby. I'll bet the things were even greasy from cooking on them.

    I couldn't work retail.

  2. I know what your saying man. I was at a few stores to day and alot of people was returning coolers! Like you said power comes on lets take this to the store. Its BUll Crap!

  3. And the sad thing is that these stores will return them....trust me ive worked retail for over 4 years...I can tell you stories that are just terrible on what people return....
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    That's why some places have cracked down on returns of digital cameras - people "buy" a high end camera, take it on vacation, and return it when they get back - some people are unbelievable.
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    I noticed a sign in the local sears hardware store after the last big blackout we had a few years back. It was a notice that any generators brought back that weren't defective were subject to a 25% restocking charge. I would think that would help eliminate the free rental returns.
    Mike Hawkins
  6. I used to run a hardware store. If you remember "Y2K", you will also remember that people were going nuts buying generators. I was always more than fair regarding returns & exchanges, BUT...this was my policy on generator purchases.......

    ALL SALES FINAL! NO returns or exchanges at ANY time.
    If special ordered, payment in full (cash or order placed 10 days after check date) when ordering, then same as above.

    I instituted the policy knowing what you folks have stated regarding "free rentals". That practice costs all the honest consumers....we pay for it in the long run.
  7. how about the times you buy something that is total junk or broken when you get it home ,,and the store says sorry for your luck,,,,I deal with them my own way but I am sure some people just walk a way
  8. I hope I wasn't misunderstood. As I stated in my earlier post, I was more than fair regarding returns & exchanges...even to the point taking back items which were abused. I had a customer return string trimmers TWICE with burned out motors after a very short time. When he brought the 2nd one back, the line guard/cutter was off. His Grandson had removed it to get a wider cutting swath & that is what burned the motor out. When I explained that, he offered to pay for the third...I wouldn't let him pay as I had no problem getting a credit...I just told him I was glad we figured out what happened. What is being discussed in this thread are unethical consumers taking advantage of return policies....effectively getting a "free rental".
  9. Amen Brother!! I have a daughter who works in retail and she has to deal with this kind of BS on a daily basis. I couldn't do it either.