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I got robbed by idiots

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. The police showed up to our house last night with our "lost" digital camera. Turns out, it was not lost but it had been stolen along with our credit cards and of all the things a tackle box full of my best stuff. (cruel cruel people)

    Long story short, these idiots did not erase the photos off the camera and the lady who arrested them for breaking into a car nearby just happened to be the mother of a child who goes to kindergarten with my duaghter. She saw a photo of her daughter and realized who my daughter was and traced it back to us.

    We found out today that two 16 year old kids admitted to coming in an unlocked back door and grabbing what they could. Happened around noon, just as my wife had layed the baby down and was upstiars napping which is scary.

    Long story short....always make sure your doors are secured even if you live in a decent neighborhood, only takes once to make you regret it.
  2. wow.... I'm glad your family is safe. Forget the goods. That's family you're talking about......

  3. I wonder where this world is going sometimes. I am not very old, only 27, but when I was 16 I would of never tried to steal from anyone. At 16, I had a job, a girlfriend, played soccer, went fishing, etc. I didn't have any time to get into trouble. If I wanted something and didn't have the money I picked up more hours at work. I don't know what the solution is but I dont like the outlook. I am glad nothing happened to your family and some of your property was recovered.

  4. Had a similar thing happen to my wife. She was babysitting at her sisters and went upstairs to give the kids a bath in the middle of the afternoon. Her purse was on the coffetable in the living room and the doors were locked. Someone cut the screen on the big living room window and came in. Took her purse and the VCR. Found her purse minus money and credit cards half a block away.

    Another instance that sounds like your story.
    Two weeks ago my neighbor, an Akron Police Officer, told me of two teens in a red minivan cruising neighborhoods and stealing from open garages, even when people were home. Mowing or inside. They would drive by then come back and back in, jump out grab whatever they could carry and take off. Took tools, fishing gear, mowers, anything they could carry off. Don't know what ever happened with that case. I will try to get an update.

  5. freyedknot

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    glad to hear your family was not hurt and you got your stuff back. i guess i am glad i live on a main street,nothing happens on it because the police are always on the main streets. i know that is the opposite with the side streets in my hood.
  6. Hey Van, I think it's because of that BIG Black dog of yours lol
  7. wow. Stupid people. Some kid at auburn just got 200$ stolen from his wallet that he was going to use as a down payment on a car. And the school isnt doing anything about it, :mad:

  8. You hit the nail on the head, the kids reason for doing this was that they were bored. Skipped school and had nothing better to do with there day.

    Very sad.