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I got lucky last night!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by archman, May 14, 2004.

  1. I'm casting for walleye at Edgewater last night. I always take two rods. I have my St. Croix Avid series with a Shimano Stradic reel on it sitting behind me, and I'm down on the rocks. I cast and accidently snagged my rod, and it goes flying into the water. I start to freak out and use every swear word in the book. Fortunately, my lure stayed snagged to it, and I reeled it in. Man, was that a close call!!
  2. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    glad to here you got your rod back. It would have been gut wrenching seeing it fly off of the lure and sink.

  3. Lucky you! Reminds me of the time when i was a kid and my dad, brother and myself were out fishing a local pond from our boat. I got tired of fishing and told dad i didnt want to fish anymore so he says ok you can stop. So what do i do, chuck my rod right over the side of the boat! :eek: Dad looked at me and said what did you do that for, i said well you told me i could stop fishing if i wanted to :D Funny thing was that my line was tangled with my brothers line so he gets all excited thinking he got a bite and is realing in a monster only to find out it was my rod i just threw over the side.
  4. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Aw shucks, I thought you meant something else. I guess this is a family site :p :D
  5. Stretch

    Stretch Wishin I was fishin

    Glad to hear you got your fishing pole back, that could have been a real bad night............Stretch
  6. Yesterday, Lewis had his St. Croix/Shimano over the side for thy second time in two years. :eek: His "cat like moves" :rolleyes: allowed him to snag it with another spare rod. Regarding those moves, I head a different sound comming from the front of the boat and as I turned around observed Lewis laying on the floor with one rod in his hand and another somehow laying in the boat.
    I was at Nimmy with a brand new Falcon Rod and Shimano Calcutta which was kicked overboard (by me) befor I made a single cast. Unlike Lewis, I have no cat like moves left and I simply lurched to the floor and managed to grab the handle as it was sliding into the weeds. :)
  7. I dropped the anchor in the middle of West res only to see my Uncle Bucks 12 ft. crappie rod and Daiwa ss tourny reel chasing it to the bottom. The anchor line was wrapped around the rod. Arrgggg. I only had ultra and microlight gear so I took some very precise cross fixes and went back out the next morning with a weighted snagging treb. Got the rod and reel back on the first cast. Talk about luck....