I got bored and built a boat...

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  1. Well, last week I got bored and decided to built a boat. Drew up plans for a 4x8 flat bottom and had the shell together in no time, and today I finished the seats, sealed all the seams, and painted it. Tomorrow I'm heading over to get it inspected! It was a fairly easy and fun project, and I have less than $60 in it! If anyone can think of anything I should add to it, let me know! I've got one electric motor and one 5hp gas motor for it, and am working on a full rain canopy. Enjoy!



  2. I want to see some pictures of it in the water!

    What are the dimensions?

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    Kudos on the will to build it.

    My concern would be (and I can't tell by the pics) did you put any sort of bouyant material in it (foam?). If not, if you take on water I'd think it'll do a lot more than just swamp. I'd also suggest keepin the 5 horse off it for now. If that isn't balanced well, a slight weight shift might be enough to nose down and drive her straight down like a jet diver.

    I'm no engineer by any means, so I could be way off base with my thinking. Just wear a PFD and keep the gear to a minimum on your maiden voyage.
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    2' or less this weekend on Erie, I hear the Walleye are biting!
  5. I'm gonna agree with the above. I wanted to see how it sat in the water. Thats why I was asking for pictures. I'd definitely pack lightly on the first trip. I'd even just try and motor around a small pond or similar first.
  6. It is about 4ft wide, and 8 foot long. I'm curious as well to see how it sits in the water! The 5hp probably won't be on it for quite a while, mostly because it will only be seeing Mogadore and Nimisila. As for taking on water, I have a 12volt pump that I am going to keep onboard with me at all times, should I ever have the need, but hopefully not. I'm thinking about mounting my batteries in the front of the boat, and just running cables all the way back to the motor to help balance it out. It is actually going to meet the water later this evening after the clearcoat is dry, I will post some pictures!
  7. Pretty Cool! Reminds me of one of those beach storming vehicles like they used in Normandy. You may have trouble finding a partner for it's maiden voyage though. :p I can't see any reason why it wouldn't float just fine providing that it's water tight (duh) Looks like it was time consuming.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Not long after the boat gets wet, the wood will swell, creating cracks at the seams in spots, and will begin taking on water. Not only will it take on water, but the soaked up water in the wood will take on more weight. With more weight means the boat would sit lower in the water, if at all. Then when a wave kicks up for some reason, the water from that will go over the bow and into the boat.

    If you were to take that boat to Mogadore, I can pretty much bet that the Division of Watercraft that lurks out there quite often, would be on your rear end like white on rice.

    But heck!!!!! I am all for hearing how well your life jackets kept ya afloat.

  9. The maiden voyage will be in the farm pond, and the only passengers will be a few cinder blocks...... I'm not overly worried about the wood absorbing water, because all the seams are fiberglassed, screw heads sealed with epoxy resin, and the paint is covered in polyeurethane, but then again, I've never built a boat before, or anything like this.... so it might be going straight to the bottom.... We'll see what the division of watercraft says tomorrow morning at the inspection... If anyone has any names floating around for it, I'm all ears!
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    If it floats how about $60.00 boat or Crappie Habitat if/when it sinks. I'm with flash, it might not absorb water right away, but it's made of plywood it's bound to get wet sooner or later.
  11. yea, I think it will eventually absorb water and be junk, but if i can get a years fun out of it, a $60 habitat is fine by me:D

    sides are also 16 or 18 inches high.....can't really remember
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    76 I hope it works out for ya, I worked on boats years ago with Jim Simmons at simmons marine, ohhh how i loved to feel great after laying fiberglass blankets down and inhaling MEKTP.. course the headache later was AWFUL. Anyways, seen others doing the same and they did fine. Good luck and as for a name......Reel Tales....get it. :p
  13. I dont really think it is going to float with a person in it. But still it is a neat project. GOOD LUCK:)
  14. it floats! no leaks (yet).

    Myself and a few cinder blocks went on a test float in the farm pond.

    Pulled it back out to dry off so i can throw another coat of polyeurethane (can't ever spell that right) on it.

    Hopefully finish it up tomorrow and give it a complete test when I get more time... lunch breaks from work don't quite cut it....
  15. You know what? CONGRATS TO YOU! I mean sheesh, you've got the gumption to go out and build yourself a boat - that's better than anything I've done when I'm bored. Usually it's just TV and a six pack!

    Poo on all the haters in here telling you what "might" happen - sounds to me like you've covered all the basics.........epoxy, fiberglass.........

    I really hope it works out for you and I'm curious to see how well your maiden voyage goes! Good luck! You've got me in your corner rooting for you!
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    Like Skarfer, when I'm bored, I get on here or recorded fishing shows. If ya get bored next weekend, I was thinking of throwing a cabin together.....not a big one, maybe 15 by 25 or something...:D
  17. Nice Job! You built a Boat Dude! Nice... Good Luck with her I'm excited to see some pictures of it in the water!
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    I would hate to see what you could build when your not bored LOL . A friend had a home made boat just like yours. We used it on his farm pond for two years before it started to take in water . The boat was also in the weather ( GA ) year round . As long as you have it coated and sealed good with resin it should last at least a year. That is without banging it around alot. Down side was its weight it was a tank .I would think twice about added a 5hp .. Be safe and have fun with her . Thanks for sharing your build with us .
  19. It should float because it has alot of displacement. In the long run I would have to put my money on it rotting but for $60 you know what they say what ever floats your boat. Have you got it inspected yet. I'm just curious what they said cause I'm welding an aluminum boat and need to get it inspected soon. http://www.ohiogamefishing.com/community/showthread.php?t=63107
    here is a link to an earlier post if you guys want to see a boat project.
  20. Good job on the boat . Hey if it passes inspection . Do you want to sell one of those . I have been looking for a cheap mogadore and nimi boat