I Got A Pike!!!

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  1. Sorry for the caps but im still excited. I got my first pike today on the Hoga. I started fishing for smallies with a 1/16 grub and jig. As I was reeling in my jig disappeared so I tugged it a little because I thought nothing of it. Next thing you know I see a flash and I can see the pike dead in the eye. Its like he did it on purpose. Needless to say he spit out my jig. I was then determined to get him so I busted out the clown HJ and worked the area real good. Nothing. I then switched to my newly purchased size 4 Blue Fox spinner and first cast, BAM! I got him. I was stoked and he didnt move much from where I first hooked him. I figured he would still be around since Ive read most of the post and the guys usually get them again after a miss. 10 min later I get a 14"(guestimate) smallie. Thats a different story though.

    I also met KSUflash while I was there. He can attest to my smallie.:D haha!


    Sorry for the no intro deal when you introduced yourself. You just gave SN and I woulda told you mine but im sure you woulda thought...! haha so I decided to post this instead.

    I have pics and will post later after I edit them.

    Nice day to be out. I also got a 15 and 1/2 and 13 1/2 LMB at Nimisila today.



  2. great job on the pike !!! i am still looking to get my frist smallie

  3. Wow - what a cool looking fish!! Good for you!
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    Awesome fish!
    Great job!
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    congrats... pike fishin in the river is fun :D and you'll always remember your first one :D
  6. NICE JOB! I'm still hunting for my first Pike! had one a few years back attack and MISS! my top water lure... Still looking for my first one though!
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    sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. nice pike. the hat aint bad either:)
  8. Nice job man! Looks like both you and the fish have the same look on your faces! LOL!!!

    How were the bugs down there? I may take my son down for some smallies next week. (no need to give exact location, I know where it is. :) )
  9. Thanks guys.

    Big Daddy,

    Bugs werent that bad. I dont remember swatting anything til it got kinda later but thats how it is everywhere. As far as the spot, I really dont mind giving away spots as long as people dont go there to fish and take home everything they catch. You already know the spot so no big deal there. Its a public place to fish and I understand that.

    Ive only started to explore the Hoga so sorry if I stumble upon someones hole and dont cover up the background.

    I just noticed I have what looks like a very tight hold on that guy. He was flopping everywhere and I didnt want to get bit or cut so I tried my best to handle him. I know there are people who cringe at seeing a pike mishandled.
  10. Congratulations! That one is a beauty!
  11. Nice pike and bass too. Way to stay after them.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Glad to meet ya on the water LegendaryAJ. If you wouldn't have been wearing that hat, I wouldn't have asked if you were an OGF'er. I was laugin my butt off after you got that smallie. It was nice and was bigger than any smallie I have gotten from the river. I was happy for ya. Then I get that spike of a smallie. He was heron bait size.

    I started around 1pm way far up river from where I met you. I got a few smallies up there as well. I brought my pike rod, but I was hunting smallies yesterday.

    Good catch, good meeting ya, and we will see you on the water again sometime.

  13. I didnt think you were smallie fishing when I saw you. I thought you were chub fishing for Pike.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I like to smallie fish with very light tackle. Most of the time I get lots of smaller smallies, so i like to make it more challenging. If I would have hooked up with the nice sized smallie that you got, then I would have had one heck of a time getting him in with the 2lb line I use on that rod.