I found $7.00/gallon gas!!!!!

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  1. I paid $1.82 Canadian/liter in Biscotasing, Ontario last week to fill a few gas cans. If you multiply that price times 3.785 liter/gallon and another 3% to help Visa convert the currency, you get $7.08. Who else can proudly report that they were the first one on the block to pay over $7? Shorter Canadian trips or Lake Erie for me next year at plant shutdown.
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    Paid just shy of that at 6.50 a gallon in Georgian bay area Only took a 1/4 tank at that price

  3. Ouch!! I am headed up in a few weeks. I never thought I would be jumping for joy so much to haul in my $4+ gas to camp from the states.:eek: I won't be able to take all that we need but I will certainly not be making many random trips about the lake.:(
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    Pretty soon it'll be more profitable to smuggle gas instead of drugs into Canada LOL
  5. I think I did. I brought 18 gallons in 4 plastic gas cans and two 6.5 gallon Merc tanks on my boat. At 4:00 am, the Canadian Customs dude at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo must have forgotten to ask me how much gas I'm bringing. I'm sure I missed paying a duty on excess. Others at camp mentioned they were gigged for duty at the Sue S border. Funny, I've never gotten hassled for claiming excess alcohol, having too much gas, or so much as even being asked what is under the boat cover. So much for security.
  6. Oh, gas was about $1.37C/liter on major roads last week. That's only $5.34 after conversion and 3% visa fee; a bargain aye.
  7. By the way, what is the current conversion rate? It looks like from your calculation that it is about break even? Actually after re-reading you first post it appears that the 3% you listed includes the exchange. I misread that at first. :rolleyes:
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    I was paying $5.60 on the water. I must of found cheap gas. The only problem the engine missing now.
  9. McDonalds charged me 5%, most places called it even, and i think the bank reduced my charges by a negligible amount which I did not mention. The 3% was the currency exhange rif-off fee, not the US to C dollar exchange. Bringing cash would save you the rip-off fee.

    Speaking of money, the fish camp would not take a credit card! Yikes! I had to beg the general store owner to give me a $300 cash advance on my Visa and that took some talking and an extra 3% charge, plus the eventual 3% rip off fee back at Visa's mother ship.

    Biscotasing is rather remote so everything is pricey. Gas is probably trucked in but on a smaller local delivery truck. Over the years i've found plenty of dirt crumbs and water in my 6.5 gallon gas tanks after a trip to a small town general store pump in Canada and it's hard to flush the junk out without wasting a gallon of gas in the process...
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    I think those customs agents take one look at you and feel sorry for you so they don't soak you for the duty fees on your excess booze and fuel....
  11. I'm actually suprised gas hasn't went up more than that in Canada. Last june in 2007 we paid just under a dollar a litre. Also, for the first time ever, the canadian dollar was worth more than the US dollar at that time, that's a shame.

    Gotta Love some Bush and all the great work he's done the last 8 years...:mad:
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    Dissent will not be tolerated Benny!!!

    while it kind of sucks, I do find watching gas prices interesting vs what is going on in the world.
  13. We went up June 1st and the rate was 6 dollars less on $100 dollars or close .I exchanged $500 dollars at the border to use up there and they gave me back $470.73 frist time the exchange was not in our favor.But was the frist time all gas and stores made the exchange if you used American money.Most years you had to ask to get your money back and they never new the rate.But i still love fishing up there and going to new lakes.
  14. Spent a few of those tax rebate dollars.