I finally got up the courage.....

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  1. ....to hold a snapper the way i do a softshell..... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] i couldnt get my big hands completely around his thick neck but once i did he just turned into a big lump of butter in my hands. heck, i even rubbed his head and and mouth:eek:. he was a mean sucker, latched onto my freinds boot and wouldnt let go, but once i had him in my grip he knew he was had lol. btw, i do not advise anyone to try this, i never admitted to being of sane mind. oh yeah, the GMR trip.... 8 channels, 10lb flattie, a softshell, and this dude.
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    i don't care who will be on the ticket i'm voting on THE DINK FOR PRESIDENT!

  3. Dude, thats crazy!!! Its a wonder you still have 10 fingers. 8^)
    8 channels huh? thats sounds encouraging with the low flows on the GMR
    Good job man!
  4. oh yeah, the channels were on fire! we werent targeting them but they were driving us crazy while we were using live bait. we got 4 of them during the day whlie using our turtle throw lines that were only 8ft off the bank, cant tell you how many we lost on those lines. the water was super hot too. there were crawfish everywhere on the banks, you would walk along the water and see literally hundreds at a time darting off. we theorized there was a major "shed" going on and thats why the channels were going bezerk.
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    pendog66 It swims its bait

    lol that is hilarious dink, steve got a monster snapper at the dam thursday, that mean guy wanted every bit of me
  6. LOL! I got bit in the butt by a snapper. I found and old tire and rim sitting on a bank of a pond, and I sat on it, and the next thing I know.. I got a bloody @$$.