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  1. Well it has been a long hunting season and I am glad to finally get some meat for the freezer. No one else in my house will eat deer and it is tough to cook a meal for one with a family of three. That being said I can only shoot one deer a year because that is all the more I can eat. So I started the season looking for a trophy and passed on many easy oppurtunities. Then later in the year I couldn't get a deer in front of me for anything. So I am glad to harvest this deer and get some meat, thank you Mrs. Deer for giving me the oppurtunity. My first bow kill, she was quarting toward me, I shot her at about 12 yards through the back of the shoulder and into a lung. Found her about 50 yards from the shot. I have heard about the hype about the Rage broadheads and now I am a true believer, flat out amazing hole. One blade did bend when it cut through a rib.

    I was also amazed at how little blood there was since I had only one hole and it was high in her.

    Next year I am going to get some meat quick, and then if a wall hanger shows up I will figure that out then.

    Oh one other question, the following day I went back out to check the gut pile. It appears the other deer in the area followed everywhere I drug the carcass and then provided pellets and urine all over the trail. I found this very odd, are they marking territory or is this some kind of warning to me???
  2. Congrats on the harvest! I will be going out tomorrow. I plan to get in the stand by 11:30 and sit until dusk. This is it, I have one tag left and plan to shoot the first thing I see. Hopefully it's a buck, but I will take another Doe.

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    Good for you man. There's nothing like your first bowkill, way to hang in there
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    Way to stick with it man. I got 2 with the bow early season, then passed on a few. Only to lose the rest of my season to an illness. Congrats!