I did a good deed today...

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  1. i found a wallet with some money and a checkbook behind the dumpster at the bar i work at. called the dayton police and turned it in. either someone needed to get sick and went behind the dumpster to do it and left it or a bum ditched it there.
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    my friend found one like that once come to find out that the guy was nowhere near where it was found , and his cash and 2 cards were missing so they figured he was pick pocketed and that where the thief ditched it

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    No good deed goes unpunished! :p

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    My Father, Step Mother, Fiance and Myself was at an Ohio State game last year (I think it was Mich ST game) and was partying down at hiney gate until it closed. We got a taxi to go back to the car to go home, and low and behold dad left his wallet in the taxi.

    Around 2 am a guy called my cell (dad always keeps a few phone numbers in his wallet) saying he found it and we could pick it up. Was a very cool experience. All his cash, and CC's were still there.

    People aren't that bad...
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    I lost my wallet in the water while fishing at Pymatuning a few years ago. It fell out some how? The park office called two days later stating someone found it. And everything was there. So yes there are good people left in this world. Iam20fan, thanks for your integrity and doing the right thing.
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    feels good to do the right thing, congrats to you. what goes around comes around. i lost my wallet twice in my life and it was returned both times. once i found a wallet at west branch washed up on shore and turned it in.