I desperatly need some help with router set up!!

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    I bought a Linksys wireless router. Set everything up but when I try to connect I get a "aquiring network address" which will continually run but never connect. I'm sure its something simple but I can't figure it out. I have worked on this for two days I can connect to the neighbors (very weak signal) but not to mine (strong signal) Please help before I take this thing outside and take the Garand to it.
  2. Probably something to do with your network setup = WAN & LAN settings. When setting up a network, I follow these steps:

    Hook your PC to the router thru a wire, reboot the PC to ensure that it gets an address. You should be able to access the internet, acquiring a proper IP address. If this works, you can rule out your networking piece of the router.

    I then turn the security off on the router, disconnect the PC (wire), ensure that the wireless on the PC is inserted (card) or turned on (switch/internal) and reboot the PC. It should see your router and connect. If this doesn't work, then there's a setting in the router setup that is causing the issue. Could be a setting associated with DHCP.

    If you can connect, set the security to the best level that your PC and router can support (like WPA2 or at the least, WEP) and reconnect.

    When setting up a router, I like to change the base address from the standard out of the box IP address (, or something like that) to something a bit more unusual. This is the address that you will use to address the router via browser from a hardwired PC (I don't let wireless clients access the setup). Also, once set up, make sure that you turn on your firewall features on the router.

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    Everything SC mentioned for sure. FIRST thing you need to do is make sure you can connect to it cabled (not wireless) directly as SC stated. If that doesn't do it, try the following:

    Make sure windows firewall is disabled on the PC's network/wireless card first...that can hose stuff up, cuz your router has a built in firewall.

    Make sure your IP range is set to allow enough addressing for your PC.
  4. I had the same problem when I got my first linksys router. Called linksys and it was an IP address conflict. Changed the IP address on the router and all was well.
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    I got it working ,darn I was actually looking forward to blowing the thing up.I used a thumb drive to transfer the settings .I must have been doing something wrong as its working now. Thanks