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I can hardly wait

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by billybob7059, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Man oh man its finally here the last few days until the ducks start to die! And it looks like we will have great duck hunting weather to boot. the weather channel is calling for a low of 46 and a high of 64 with rain on saturday. with a little bit of luck it will stay that way. or evern better get colder. So how do you guys spend these last few days before it all gos down? I am going shooting on weds day and checking and dubble checking all my stuff. I broke out my calling video and have been on it very night. if only I could study of my up coming test the way I have that video I whould ace it. oh well it almost here almost. I just what to say good luck to everyone and be safe.
    good shootin to ya
    Brad !@ !$
  2. becareful about that bird flu going around ducks were one of them

  3. I'm pretty much scambling to get everything ready. Busted some clays today and did a lot better on the skeet than i ever thought i would. Just painted my last decoy and plan on running the boat tomorrow in the marsh. Won't have time to get up to my spot for the opener to take a look but I think I'll be ok. Place i'm checking out tomorrow is for the work week when it will be less crowded, at least i hope so. Still need to get ammo and some other small things, think i might run up to cabelas friday night in a last minute panic shopping spree.