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I can’t fish because I’m having car trouble! Please help!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Rooster, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. I know absolutely NOTHING about cars!

    1998 Jeep Wrangler 82k miles and not very well maintained (however, the oil has been change within in the last month)

    Starts fine
    Runs fine on Highway
    Get off highway and stop at a light
    As I accelerate after the light, I hear a rattle that sound like it is coming from the bottom of the jeep, the engine bogs down, and there is a HUGE cloud of smoke from the exhaust (If you have been behind me I apologize)

    This has been happening for three days

    Any ideas on what it might be?

    I was afraid to drive the car this weekend, and could not go fishing. This is getting serious!
  2. blue or black smoke?

  3. Sorry, the smoke looks white, but could be blue. It doesn't seem to have much of a smell.
  4. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    Give it a tune-up. Plugs, wires, fuel, air, PCV filter, etc. Check your dipstick to see if your oil is foaming. But if you don't know cars too well, you better take it to someone or find a close friend with an open evening somewhere. Is your check engine light on? If so, you will need to take it to Autozone or somewhere like that to get it scanned for error codes.
  5. Does it do this at any other times?Does it loose power up hills?Is it useing any oil or antifreeze?
  6. Not loosing oil, and it is not loosing anti-freeze that I have noticed.

    It does seem to loose some power going up hills.

    It has only happened after getting off the highway. I have heard the rattle a few times while accelerating after a stop, but there is no smoke.

    I do plan to get a tune-up (very soon), but would really like to have some idea of what may be wrong. I would hate to pay for a tune-up, and then find out that the engine needs to be re-built!

    Thanks for all the help!
  7. From what you have said,it most likley has a bad cat.Make sure who ever you take it to checks out the rattle first!!!Good luck
  8. It is tough to give diagnosis on trouble blindly but I imagine several here may have suggestions. I had a Jeep Cherokee a while back and I ran into a clunking noise problem. My initial thought was motor mounts. If these work their way loose they can allow the engine to rock with the torque of sudden accleleration. So you may have them check that. Mine actually ended up being that the exhaust pipe was hanging down and over due to the rear bracket being broken. What would happen was when the driveshaft torqued the engine it would move things far enough that the U-joint on the driveshaft was hitting on the exhaust pipe. So for that I would say make sure there is proper clearance on everything on the underside.

    The loss of power and smoking sounds more serious though. It sounds to me to be perhaps a valve problem. If you are blowing smoke from the exhaust, it has to be either from oil or water/coolant. Neither is good news. I would ask whoever you take it to for a diagnosis of the problem prior to investing in the tune-up. I agree with you that you want to weigh your options before investing the money. If it were to turn out as a cracked engine head or cracked valves, etc. you are going to be in for a lot more than a tune-up cost.
  9. Thanks Truck!

    My dad said the same thing, but I am afraid that it is a cracked cylinder Head or something that is going to cost real money. Not that replacing a cat is in my budget, but if that is the only problem should be able to get back on the water this weekend!

    Thanks again for taking the time to help!
  10. I had not thought about the possibility of a catalytic convertor plugged. Hopefully for you that is the case over any head or valve problem. Better yet if it is only a tune-up. If it were suspected to be the catalytic converter that would be an easy enough thing to determine by pulling it off and running without it for a while.
  11. This can be tested by useing a vacuum/pressure gauge hooked to the exaust in frt of the cat.More than 2.5 psi at 2500rpms means bad cat.Also ask them why the cat went bad in the first place,tune?02 sensor-no good to put one on just to have it go bad again real soon.
  12. I meant to mention the same thing about a cat going bad that fast. I wondered the same thing about what would make it go bad that fast. I have only ever had to replace one of my own and it was on about a 12 year old vehicle.
  13. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

    If it is the cat, it MAY be covered under the Mfg warranty. Not sure what Chrysler's is but I think the emmision system is 7 years or 100k miles. But it may be 8 yrs and 80k which you are out of. At any rate the problem sounds more like the converter than anything else. If your jeep is a 4 cyl then you are really pushing things on the highway and the engine is reving hard the whole time. My exp with a 4 cyl Jeep @ 65 mph was about 4500 rpms. The higher rpm's are causing more heat in the exhaust which creates the problem with the cat. The added stress from being restricted and the added heat cause the heat shield to rattle from vibrations.
  14. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    If it was, then you would not be able to run the car at higher speeds - because there would be nowhere for the exhaust to go. In these computer controlled cars nowadays, smoke, loss of power, and wierd sounds can all be caused by simple things, like a cracked vacuum hose, bad plug or wire, bad PCV, a bad sensor, any number of dozens of things. The least of my worries would be a bad block or heads. Just too rare to really consider now. Have you seen a check engine light on?

    Just because it is blowing smoke doesn't mean much. a ban sensor can cause the engine to do all sorts of wierd stuff, like making your car run extremely rich or lean, or adjust the timing so far off that it barely runs.
  15. misfit

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    might as well add my nickel's worth ;)
    if the smoke is white,it most likely is caused from moisture in fuel.could be anti-freeze from a bad gasket,etc.
    from your description of the problem,i don't think that is the case,as you say it only happens when accellerating,after stopping,when you've been running at highway speed.shuvlhead makes a case for all the sensors that could be a potential problem,which leads me to guess that the smoke(maybe gray)and slugishness is due to a lean fuel mixture.not sure about the noise,but it could be knock/ping caused by the lean running engine.
    if the converter was bad,it would show a constant lack of power and most likely blow black smoke instead of white.
    best bet is have a diagnostic run on it to pinpoint the problem.
  16. I took the jeep in to be looked at, and they told me that the oil was overfilled. They drained some oil, and told me to drive it for a few days. They did not want to charge me for a full diagnostic if that is my only problem. The smoke is from burning oil, and filled there shop to the point where they had to open all the bay doors. If I still have the same problem, they will have to run a full diagnostic test. They did not seem to think that it is a bad cat, but did not rule it or a cracked head out (if the problem continues). Thanks again for everyone's input!
  17. I might also suggest checking the transmission fluid. I had a Chevy Venture van that did the same thing with the noise only coming after you drive it at high speeds and then stopped. It would rattle as you pulled away from the stop. They said it had something to do with the way the transmission fluid runs. In my case it was leaking transmission fluid into the radiator where the hoses go in to cool the fluid. Oh yeah I had to get the radiator replaced (Or at least my wife did I was in Canada fishing at the time)

  18. If you had the oil changed at a service station I believe I would be finding another place to do business. A shop that changes oil or lube should have no excuse for overfilling. If they can overfill, they can underfill as well and jeopardize your engine.